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The frequencies will vary by headend. Not sure if all of the headends in the immediate Roch area have HBO and SHO HD on 789, but out here both are on 99 MHz. Fox News HD is 621, ESPN HD is 579 MHz, two locals are on 615 MHz.
This is a great week to be a JGR fan. Denny has been sidelined for weeks, Cryle crashes and best of all Kenseth docked 50 points and Ratcliff gets a 6 race suspension and $200,000 fine. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nascar-from-the-marbles/report-matt-kenseth-kansas-winning-engine-fails-inspection-145710712--nascar.html
It’s been happening more and more. Not the same streak as I had Saturday night during UFC on Fox, but partial full screen pixilation with audio dropouts. Had a few on my recordings from Storage Wars last night, Cupcake Wars pixelated on Sunday, had one issue with Fox News yesterday, Disney twice earlier this morning and twice during the fourth quarter of Game 2 of the Grizzlies/Clippers series on TNT. I’ve been glued to SportsCenter for the past few hours, so far no...
Does anyone else on Time Warner ever see streaking/shifting pixelation like you see pictured below? I used to see this all the time, across all channels, SD, HD, SDV, non SDV, On Demand, it started randomly one day and stopped randomly, haven't see it for months until tonight. I checked the diags, this is not a result of any uncorrected blocks. Hopefully this is a one time thing.
Two incidents for the 88. Too bad, so sad. NOT! Nice to see his own teammate screw him over, putting him 2 laps down. Rough day for my Roush guys, but Johnson did dominate the race and deserved the win. Too bad Cryle Busch got a top 5 by .006 of a second. On to Texas...
Actually we've had since January 15th.
Back in 2005 and ‘06 they did, or at least they offered to buy out my contract from DirecTV. In November of ’05 when I started getting fed up with the inferiority of DirecTV and wanted to beat my head against the wall every time I went to reach for the peanut remote to use those god awful TiVo DVRs, I went to the local TW office to speak with a salesman to see what they could do for me. Basically I was offered digital cable with all of the movie channels and two HD DVRs...
It appears iNDemand now carries high def feeds from MSG. Last nights Devils/Leafs game had both feeds available in HD. Last week I saw the Rangers in HD and figured it was a fluke. And for NBA League Pass, I don’t subscribe to it, but noticed in the EPG last night, both feeds of the Knicks/Cavs game were in HD as well.
Hopefully NEVER! The whole idea of a la carte makes me want to vomit! It’s a purely idiotic idea. If you want real a la carte, why not break it down by individual shows, not by channels. Because if someone is going to be a crybaby whining about how they pay for MTV or ESPN and never watch it, I’ll take it to the next level and cry about how why I shouldn’t be ‘forced’ to buy a whole channel of DIY Network, when all I watch is Man Caves. Let’s see how great a la carte...
Press and hold down on the Select button on the remote and in a few seconds when the Mail and/or Power Indicator lights start blinking hit the Up arrow button. The frequency info along with the signal levels are displayed for both tuners on the first page.
New Posts  All Forums: