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I apologize for not being more specific. I was trying to stick to what I thought you were asking. It seemed in your first post that you were adamant about not wanting to know anything other than what the words YUV represented.
Hello YUV is not an abbreviation for words. They represent the equations needed to reconstruct RGB color space values.
HelloSpectraCal has a selection of meters and can sell you a meter along with CalMAN. Give them a shout and they will go over what your needs are and what will best be suited for your projected budget.
I have a DVD, Blu-ray, LaserDisc, HTPC, Xbox, PS3 and DirecTV connected to a 3313. Verifying both visually and with calibration software/meters with video processing disabled in the AVR there is no difference of the displayed image compared to the components being directly connected to the display.
My setting are similar for DVDs and the Mini 3D has always been flawless. 480i input and 1080p60 output.
Yes jjthenovice has calibration hardware and asked a specific question regarding the use of that hardware. Then you and dmoney94 post wanting settings for your displays because apparently you believe settings are generic and accurately transfer form one display to the next. It is getting tiresome continually seeing these settings request posts in this section of the forum. After all this section of the forum is for display calibration not let me punch some values into my...
Too bad all these posts that are continually made in this section of the forum requesting calibration settings are not immediately deleted.
Hello As this thread is more for actual display calibration you may have better luck posting in the LCD Flat Panel Displays section for settings. Also, as you are using a PC as the source you might post in the Home Theater Computers section. Contrary to some of the claims you may read achieving proper video level output from a PC can be a nightmare.
HelloThis is assuming that the Blu-ray player's output is bit perfect which many are not.
Hello The Enthusiast license does support the Accupel 5000.
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