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Well that's good to know. It's connected via component right now so I'm going to try HDMI. Cheers.
I just hooked up a DVD player and the problem is NOT there. Do I have the 'banding' issue identified correctly?
s/n is 811833216. Thanks.
Anybody have banding using the component input? Thanks.
I have a 46D85U and it has banding (I think). It's connected to a D* HD-DVR via component and I'm wondering if the banding problem could be improved if I connected it HDMI. I hope I have the banding identified correctly - when there are light images on a dark background there are streaks hanging on the right edge of the light image.
Awesome. Other networks please take note.
Agreed. It really ticks me that D* moved Universal into the 'HD Extra' ($$$) pack about the same time they started showing commercials. WTF???
KTPH just went black, about lap 3 of the Daytona 500. Anyone else with this problem???
I waited it out after D* made their promises way back when. I happy now and will be moreso after they launch the new sat.
Well the Big 10 should be used to it. They've been the 'away' team in the Rose Bowl for years.
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