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I haven't been in the forum for some time and out of the loop on this. My friend has a DHG-HDD500 without a way to set the time. I've read about reading the time, power down and wait for that time a while back. Has Sony ever come up with anything, or any new procedures to address this? This thread is so massive (over 900 pages) that is hard to search for any useful returns.
Hmmnn.. not seeing that either. I'm connected to cable. Do they pass that info along from the originating station?
Well this is a surprise. I haven't bought a new tv in 10 years, is this a feature that has disappeared from new sets?
Just bought a LG 37LD450, the manual as usual is no help. I can't find in the menus where to program channel labels. ABC, FOX, etc. Can this set do that? All my older tv's have it. Jim
I'll look in to that. I really was hoping there was a player that played thru the whole disk without stopping. Seems I've seen demo's in stores that play by themselves all day. Wonder what they are using?
Well it's just a analog real time transfer from the DVD player to a Neuros mpg4 box that records to the SD chip.
It's my wife that transfers children's programs from DVD to SD chip for playing in the car on a mini computer. Cartoons and other short features could be played thru to the next without intervention from the child watching. I'm trying to avoid sitting there during the transfer and edit on the fly.
On many of my DVD discs in the menu there is a "play all" for all movies, sections, chapters, etc. But some discs do not offer this in the menu. Is there a DVD player that has this option in the hardware? Jim Traverse City, Mi.
Well thats interesting, maybe I should try to pick up another one. I did like the features and generous input selections, and it fit my cabinet perfectly.
How does SD pictures look on your Aquos. I bought this same set, SD looked awful on it, took it back to the store. Maybe just something wrong with that set? HD looked ok, but hey SD will be part of our viewing for some time.
New Posts  All Forums: