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no. i think a studio has the right to release how ever many versions of a film it wants. it's just trying to improve the product to future generations. it happens everywhere, not just dvd. i buy a tv, next thing i know, 6 months down the road, that same model is upgraded with some new feature. sure, i feel a bit ticked off, but that's life, or something like it. if we, as film enthusiasts feel compelled to buy every single version, then that's our problem. we shouldn't...
"It was a little like taking your glasses off and putting them back on." http://www.geocities.com/andy_mba/laugh.gif i wear glasses ... it isn't ...
disney have a very annoying habit of re-releasing some of their older back catalog titles as 2 disc special editions using the same non16x9 transfer (nixon, from dusk til dawn). rerelease doesn't always mean anamorphic. that mouse is taking the mickey :(
possible fix : with ATI player, click on "play at specific part" (player button or right mouse context menu). change title to whichever one has most chapters (chapter label below automatically updates). click ok and player should start playing main movie. you might be able to jump to the menu once the film starts playing. i don't have this dvd, but this works for other (disney) dvds that exhibit this problem.
but it's "THX" certified. oh well, guess we can't everything :( i wonder what's going to be wrong with this one. it doesn't sound like halos this time round. that's a big step for THX. i read in another review that the image is a bit on the soft side. if that's the case, they better not have put their "optimal image quality" BS trailer on this disk. the nerve :)
i'm starting to feel a lot of resentment towards this studio (columbia nostar). it almost feels as if they're rubbing these superbits in our faces, as if to say "hey look, this is how all of our dvds could [and should] look". and to further mock the situation, they choose titles like anaconda. that's just mean.
at least this decision shows a modicum of intelligence on columbias' part (assuming current sales on these issues are justifiably low enough). i see this as perhaps a positive sign that maybe columbia aren't run by a bunch of clueless hacks afterall. but then again ... i agree though, they should all be superbit. that'll happen :( (on a sidenote, looking forward to that first superbit pan 'n' scan. given columbias' recent track record of "head wedged firmly up arse"...
Matt - i thought columbia re-released this title on a dual layer, so no flippin' required. (although this would be unusual for columbia - sensible decision). still, if not, no reason to pass up on this DVD surely ? appart from some compression issues, it's pretty good. besides, can't see this one getting the superbit treatment. more chance of seeing a superbit Glitter. (shudder) [Glitter is columbia, so it could happen :(]
Quote: Originally posted by Robert George Well, that review was written in '99 and if you had compared the DVD to either the VHS or LD that preceded it, it is "little short of amazing" how good it looks. Or perhaps I'm just easily amazed. :) hi robert; sure, but most DVDs look like night and day compared to VHS and LD. it's just within the context of other DVDs from that time, i don't think it's so great. each to his own :)
not that the following are bad transfers, but after hearing all the buzz on the internet about how "fantastic" they were, i was expecting a lot more than what i got. i wish some people would really look at these DVDs before making these claims :) Castaway : heathly implementation of EE. fine detail lacking in places. after reading the review at dvdfile, i was expecting something special. Shrek : don't think i've ever seen a great digital animation transfer from...
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