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so they were trying to pull a fast one. ok, thanks.
well that's what i heard from a UK on-line retailer . of course this could have been a tactic to get me to buy one of their existing stock that was going to remain at the current price. but assuming it wasn't, apparently JVC is going to up the price of the RS1. allegedy. anyone heard any rumours to support this (europe or us) ? and something completely unrelated; is a 25% re-stocking fee excessive ? i think it is. that would equate to around $1600 (conversion from...
me ! me ! me ! me ! on monday.
they owe us this title. after all the games of deception they've been playing this year, they're still showing what appears to be very little consideration for us early adopters (those that invested in blu-ray and have kept it going). they know how much many of us have been looking forward to this title. they've only kept us waiting for 9 months. once promised and dropped before. and they just drop it from their schedule, again. i can take a studio not releasing...
it's a lock then. universal loves that stuff (ee). people shouldn't be so keen to pre-order this title. it's universal. quality is NOT guaranteed. hold onto your money. wait for the reviews to come in.can't remember that specific scene, but this disc was pretty rough going. real bottom of the HD barrel type stuff. it makes me so angry they charge us a premium for old catalog product and give us warmed over left overs (old HD master).
look at the studio ! look at the studio ! it's universal ! the whole looking amazing thing is not guaranteed, despite what it says on the box. best to wait for some reviews to come through first.
the haunting is prime fodder. came out on DVHS and apparently looks/sounds fantastic (so it's early adopter product). it wasn't a big hit with critics, nor with movie audiences so it wouldn't fall into the category of "one of those titles to hang onto until there's a bigger consumer base etc.". and it's a good show piece to demo equipment in stores and for early adopters to show off their home theatres. it's coming up to halloween, so soon (next two months) would be a...
it'll be interesting to see if fox make as much of a hash of their catalog titles as universal - you know the story - recycling old HD masters from years ago that are plagued with EE. i would hope that at the premium they're charging, we're getting brand new masters, but i think the odds are not in our favour - their first batch of catalog titles were a bit hit and miss. and cast away - would love to see this, but oh dear ... the dvd was horrid (soft, blurry, ee), and...
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 please tell me you can't be serious ? please ... they must have used an old master. i've never seen an HD transfer so "sharpened up" - edge halos everywhere. it's one of the ugliest HDs discs i've seen out there. i stopped watching it after 5 mins (and scanning through the disc). i didn't pay good money for this crap.
not necessarily. had the same problem with my hitach tx200. around 500 hours it started doing this. kept it in high power, problem didn't come back. when it was time to replace the lamp, everything went fine (in eco mode), until the 500 hour mark. then the brightness variation thing starting happening again. problem might come back when new lamp gets to 200 hours. or it might not. if so, try running in high power.
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