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actually, at the time, no i wasn't. which is probably why i could sit through it without too much pain. although something didn't look right either. going up close to the screen i could see what a mess it was. and they (miramax) played the old "splitting the film over 2 discs to make it look like they were trying to give as much space as possible for the best video experience". what a load of bollocks. IIRC, going by the file sizes, they could have fitted the film on 1...
eh ? i don't think you remember correctly. very bad transfer. very un-stunning. this was certainly a demo disc ... to demo edge enhancement and to showcase just how bad miramax DVDs were sinking (PQ wise). i really hope not. fingers crossed the ee wasn't present on the master (i.e. which might be used on the HD release). it was still very bad on a 720 version i saw, so my hopes are low.
i don't do blind buys with universal anymore. hoping they won't use an old master that isn't up to snuff (loaded with ee). we'll see ....
just watched payback. similar kind of film visually - gritty, grainy etc. but MUCH, MUCH better transfer (no edge enhancement, background details didn't smear). this is how i was expecting BHD to look, not the rather sad clown transfer that i saw yesterday on BHD. don't get me wrong, it's not terrible, but not as good as some would have you believe.
these are far from the best the format has to offer. keep trying ....
LOL !!!!!!! ps: no i don't. other titles look great. not this one. as i've said in previous threads, this title probably looks better on a smaller display. it's just for me, on a 120", it just doesn't have an impressive level of detail that i'm used to on HD. if i reduced my projected screen to 70", even some of my DVDs even look pretty nice. so screen size does play a big part in the perception of how good a title looks.
i was disappointed with it on a 120 inch FP screen. detail wasn't great. just don't understand why some people keep praising this one.
just played it back on a 120 inch front projection display. tier 4. just. too much edge enhancement, smeared details etc. can look quite good in places, but transfer is a real cowboy job. i'd recommend people wait for universal US to release this
tier 1 ? no way. tier 3 terriority for this bad boy. there are other discs in tier 1 that are much better. anything with edge enhancement this noticeable should be banished to low tiers.
just watched the UK HD-DVD. more money down the drain. i don't know why do i bother upgrading my DVDs sometimes. studio canal apparently aren't too serious about HD it would appear. certainly if this is the kind of quality they choose to treat everyone to (very poor for HD). they really just couldn't give a **** how good their discs are. oh, and it seems to suffer from the pitch issue. at least to my ears.apparently it isn't.
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