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I've been trying to wade though all of the info here, but, the more I read the further I get behind... All I want is good PQ for my 800x600 DLP projector using either overlay or vmr9. If all I am using my PC for is HT and no 3d games, is the fx5200 good enough or is there anything magical about jumping up to the fx5600 or fx5700 or...? Will the fx5200 have enough oomph to do vmr9 at SVGA? Gary
So, all I really use my home computer for is DVD (windvd/zoomplayer), basic home computing, and kids games/educational software so I'm probably just looking for the best 2D performance I can get. The PC is a 650 Athlon and, unfortunetly, cannot be replaced due to the financial constraints put on my by the children playing the afore mentioned games/educational software...that being said, I can easily jump into one of the lower end cards on the market today. Since I'm...
When the thread(s) about updating to the latest windvd 4 platinum filter version came out (last juneish), I did an experiment where, using windvd 4 (not plus, not platinum), I put the platinum versions of iviaudio.ax and ivivideo.ax into the common/bin and windvd4 directories, registered them, and made sure that zoomplayer would use them. It looks like it did, I mean, dvdgenie and windvd tweeker both said I was using 4.5.x.108, so I assumed that zoom was using the...
I just grabbed a he100 last week at a sale and haven't had too much time to play with it...too busy...anyway, the only way it looks like you can adjust the bass/treble is if the receiver is in stereo mode, not in surround mode. I don't know if adjusting the stereo bass has any effect on the surround bass though... Gary
Would there be any issue with taking the Wharfedale WH-2 bipolar speakers, pulling one of the tweeters and reversing the polarity? Or even putting a switch in to switch the speaker from bi to di and back? Or are there fundamental differences in the design between a di and bipolar speaker? Thanks Gary
I once left my dad's Marantz 250M (circa 1977) amp on for a looong time...came home around midnight to this huge BAM!!!! Can't remember what blew, but ever since then, I don't leave any of my amps on. Gary
I went to Home Depot here in Calgary and found the folkstone formica...too bad they don't sell sheets smaller than 4x8. I guess I'll just have to tape about 50 of the 1.5x2 inch samples on my wall. After I found the folkstone, I walked over to the aisle where they have oak veneered plywood and other stuff. There sitting on the shelf was 4x8 sheets of 3/4inch fibre board with grey melamine laminated on it. I put my couple of formica samples on it and it looked very...
Ahhhh, but did you try gessoing your existing blackout cloth? I have yet to try it, will be soon, but there are those that say that it is a must do for blackout cloth. Get yourself a 16oz bottle of gesso and roll it on. Search for gesso in this forum, assuming you haven't done so already... For $10, it might be worth a try... Gary
I got my DBI directly from Hoontech in Korea. For $10 + shipping the risk was worth it. In the end, it showed up within a week with no problems... Check here: http://digitalaudio.co.kr/english/shopping/shopping.htm Gary
I guess a little off topic, but, seeing the post above about using a 650 lumen projector with the celtic cloth made me think of a question... What is the minimum lumens to use something like the celtic cloth. i.e. I have a 650ish lumen projector. Yes it will increase the blacks, and diminish whites,but, will it adversely affect colors? Or should I just gesso my blackout cloth?...decisions, decisions... Thanks Gary
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