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I posted this over in the 3D tech forum but am posting here as well as I am not sure where my issue is coming from. My set up: Sony Blu Ray Player BD570 --> Denon 2311 ---->3DC-1000(3D Converter for Mitsubishi DLPs)---->Mitsubishi WD-73737 I have had no problems viewing 2D or 3D with this setup for years. When viewing 2D material the volume overlay has worked fine but as expected does not show up when viewing 3D. I went to watch "This is The End" blu ray and the...
I have had the 3DC-1000 in my set up for several years and never had an issue with 2D or 3D. My set up: Sony Blu Ray Player --> Denon 2311 ---->3DC-1000---->WD-73737 I went to watch "This is The End" blu ray and the feature was very dark and washed out. All of the previews and additional content look fine. I thought maybe it was the disk but the feature looked fine on different system. I then swapped out blu ray players and still had same issue. Pulled out other 2D...
Doesn't look like slave labor to me: http://abcnews.go.com/watch/nightlin...ries-exclusive
Interesting that thousands of people travel thousands of miles and stand in line for days to be slaves. Evidently, in China these jobs are very desirable. The pay seems extremely low compared to US standards but then so is the cost of food and housing.If you do not approve of Foxconn you are free not to purchase any Apple products. But don't buy any other electronics made in China because most come from the same factory.
Hi All, I am hoping someone can help me with a Lip Sync issue. I currently have several inputs going into my 2312 via HDMI which is then output to my TV. The HDMI Standby Passthrough default is our DirecTV receiver. In the standby mode there is a significant lip sync issue. If we turn on the AVR then the issue goes away. If I hook the DirecTV receiver directly to the TV there is no problem. Also there are no lip sync issues with any of my other inputs. I...
Has anyone had luck recently getting batpigworld's harmony remote codes transferred into their account? I have done this in the past without problem but just tried again with a new harmony remote and their tech support via email and phone have said it can't be done.
I liked the movie, Will Ferrell cracks me up even as a large blue headed cartoon. Kids and wife enjoyed it as well.
I watched Megamind last night and was very impressed. It has moved up to number 2 on my list, only behind Avatar. IMO it is the best animated 3D by far.
That is so funny. I saw the same thing and when I googled it there are plenty of links to the "announcement" of the show in 3D but don't see it anywhere on the schedule. The press releases said it would be shown on the "n3D" channel but there are no listings for the show on that or any other 3D channel on DirecTv.
As expected they are hitting eBay for over $100
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