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Thanks for the fundable page link. Some good info there. I was wrong regarding the pricing. Early funders get to 'buy' the product for $199 so it certainly is cheap. It's rather vague though - how many pairs of 3D glasses do you get? And passive or active? It doesn't say. However, what would actually be useful for some of us is if it accepts a 3D HDMI input and allows you to watch it on your old 2D TV, but that is not supported. It only accepts 2D input.
You get 3D info above because your BRAIN interprets the image as 3D. The same way if you draw the outlines of a cube on a piece of paper your brain interprets it as a 3D cube.Do you see any actual depth in your animated GIF? No.
Some quick thoughts: 1. There is no way to send 120hz or 240hz video to a TV, so for sure it is limited to 60hz maximum and 30hz per frame. That sucks. 2. 2D to 3D conversion sucks, there is simply no way to do it really well. Sure the video has depth properties but it has little to do with actual depth of objects in the video. Many 3D TVs (including my Sony projector) have this 'feature' but it is useless. 3. This can be useful for people with 2D TVs (I have a 2D plasma...
Hi Nethawk, I was leaning towards the ST/STX too. The STX does not support 5.1 analog output right? I do need that. If the Lynx is significantly better I may be able to justify it, but there's not a whole lot of information and I'm a little wary because the LynxTWO was introduced in 2000. Virtually prehistoric by computer peripheral standards. I'm also wondering how user- and software-friendly it is since it's sort of a professional product. Sounds like I will need the...
Resurrecting an 'old' thread. Has there been any new audio cards worth looking into? I'm thinking of upgrading from my Xonar D2X (largely because it lacks RCAs). If price is no object is the LynxTwo still the best? Are there any issues with day-to-day usage (like difficulty of adjusting the volume etc)?
I have the Descent (not i), with Prodigy fronts and Aeon i rears. The Descent is an awesome sub and blends very well with MLs (obviously). If the room is small I suppose a Depth i will do fine too. But either option at the prices you are able to get them would be excellent choices.
Just tried the 1-to-1 pixel test image and apparently it really is 1-to-1 when running at 24Hz, but the text looks jagged/uneven. Really strange. Nobody else has this issue? Everything is as sharp in 24Hz as 60Hz??
Because your picture does not test if it's really 1-to-1. The picture I posted, albeit being only 300x340, is specially made to show severe artifacts whenever it is not displayed 1-to-1. Try it if you don't believe me.
Can you test it with this pic? http://www.marky.com/misc/testpatterns/Digital_TestPattern_ByMark.gif
Based on my testing (see http://www.avsforum.com/t/1353988/official-sony-vpl-hw30-a-es-owners-thread/2790#post_22605588) the HW30ES CANNOT do 1-to-1 pixel mapping in 24Hz or 3D mode, at least not via a HTPC. Can anyone confirm? Just set your player to use 24Hz, confirm it is 24Hz via the projector's menu, and look at sharp single-pixel image or text.
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