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Anyone: Does the "server" source only find & play DLNA sources? Or can it read an NFS server/NAS file structure?
Thanks for the suggestions. Nothing helped, so I guess I'll call Oppo later this week. The only other thing I'm going to try first is to hook the Oppo directly to the TV, bypassing the Yamaha AVR, and see if that helps.
OK, I didn't do an exhaustive search of this enormous thread, but with a couple cursory searches I couldn't find anything similar. I recently rented the 2D versions of Pixar's Planes and Monsters University. I had no problems with the audio (I saw all the posts about the audio issues). What did happen in both movies was that they would pause at every chapter, a graphic with the chapter name would pop up in the lower left corner, and then (in the case of Planes) the...
Interesting. May I ask who your contact was at Yamaha? I had a similar experience, but much better. I had to send my RX-A2000 in for service. They had me send it to one of their certified repair centers (not technically Yamaha) though I mostly was in direct contact with the service group at Yamaha, not the repair center. They ended up replacing the A2000 with a re-certified A2020. It was about six weeks between me sending the A2000 and receiving the A2020.
Then this conversation is over. I'm not trying to change your mind. Just suggesting that it's not a terrible thing to do, should someone like the idea. Your own personal preferences (nor mine for that matter) don't factor in.My RX-V995 (granted a 1998 vintage) has a glass screen. I never noticed the screen on my RX-A2000 being sensitive to me wiping it down occasionally with soft cotton (call it "microfibre" or "t-shirt material" or "re-purposed tightie whities") to...
Not sure it's glass, but I think it is. Even if it's some sort of plastic, the residue is still easily removed with a cotton t-shirt, warm water and a tiny amount of mild soap.As for offense, none taken. To each his own. I think people distracted by the display at its dimmest setting are a little over-sensitive, but to each his own. I don't mind the display, and I don't think that black tape would be noticed, really. JMHO!
The lights don't bother me, but electrical tape seems a pretty benign solution for those who need one. The residue (which only collects if tape is left in place for a long time) is easily cleaned off a glass surface like the RX-A's display.
I currently have two, both fairly old: Energy ES-8 (came with the original Take5 system in ~1998) and an SVS 20-39pci, from about 2002. Both have low-level inputs which bypass both crossover and gain/volume.I've also reviewed two subs for SECRETS, one of which had a bypass input, the other I don't recall.
So basically what I said above: I just didn't realize that the problem was that prevalent. But if there is boost room to spare, then there wouldn't be any benefit of this.Yeah, this does sound like a good suggestion.Right. Well, my sub (and most decently high-end subs, don't you agree?) has a bypass input which bypasses all of the subs own adjustments. In this case, I think it's best to let YPAO set everything, and tweak via the receiver. But who knows? I'll have to...
I doubt you'll see any big discount (beyond the normal discounts that come and go as described in this thread) during Black Friday. This is because the VT series is a top-level product. Door-buster deals usually only apply to entry level products, so I doubt the ST line would get included too. But that's JMHO!
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