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And yet, you're connected to the internet. I suggest a cave for you. Please.To the OP, more info is required. My guess would be that specific ports are being used and are blocked at a firewall.
I agree with this. I had an Onkyo TX-8050 for a year or so, and it's a fantastic 2-channel receiver in all respects but bass management (networkable capabilities, the ability to fully control via smartphone is a big plus over many others, but that's just me). I moved up to Denon 2313CI (this was the one that met all of my requirements) and my music listening time is worlds better. For a 2-channel only set up these dedicated receivers are fine, but if a subwoofer is...
You're missing the big picture though. Sure, they can handle the expense, but for how long? As publicly traded companies they have an obligation to their business plan and shareholders. Halt growth, see how quickly that profitability tumbles, and along with it investors.Again, I'm not arguing against Net Neutrality, but it's much bigger than your ability to watch Netflix in your basement.
If infrastructure upgrade is not relevant to you, then you don't deserve a decent ISP. It is NOT a one time cost, not by a long shot. Study the business model and come back, you will understand why constant growth is necessary (it's the crux of the whole issue).No, the cost should not be subsidized at the byte level, I've made my point known in support of Net Neutrality. We share that opinion.
Interface sentiment is subjective. It's not great, but it's way better than before, and certainly better than other boxes of its type.That's the purpose of Plex, to transcode for endpoints so that multiple codecs aren't necessary. There are several "DirectPlay" devices without the need to transcode, but this all depends on what formats are necessary. Sony's GS8 media support is mediocre in comparison with many similar players. It all depends on what you need, and the...
I'm not arguing business model and the need for profits, I am merely correcting the notion that infrastructure and operations for major ISPs is static. It's a big expense keeping up with new services and subscribers. Myself and my company sell services and hardware to these people, and we are at the forefront of the battle for Net Neutrality. Try to keep an open viewpoint.
Well, while I am a huge proponent of the open internet, this is not true. As subscriber growth and new content reaches the internet it's a major expense for carriers to upgrade equipment in order to keep up, and the upgrade cycle is constant - it never ends. Not only hardware costs, but it takes a lot of people and planning to replace one box, and the major carriers have hundreds of them.
This will be resolved to the satisfaction of the consumer, Net Neutrality is not dead yet. A good bit of the issue is that during the Bush administration the FCC reclassified the internet as being less important than dial tone, and in doing so lessened their influence. This was a huge blunder, but I have to think that it was a political decision - we must remember that this lobby in Washington is a big one, and many Republicans have sided with the carriers. While it's...
The TX-8050 DAC is sufficient and optical out is an easy approach. I have a similar setup but chose Asus Xonar Essence sound card with analog out to an AVR (I traded up from the TX-8050 for better subwoofer integration and room correction), I couldn't be happier.
Thanks Jay. Hopefully you can continue to report back, I will watch this thread to follow the evolution of your solution.
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