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If you've got an iPhone or iPad and an ATV2 check out AirVideo Server - you can run that on Windows or Mac and it will transcode most file formats, of the files on your PC/Laptop, which you can then send to the ATV2 via AirPlay. One of the easiest and most convenient Media Player solutions I have ever used. Also great for watching shows in bed on your iPhone or iPad :-)
Has anyone seen any decent HTPC cases with a centre mounted 5.25" bay - positioning the drive and all HDs *above* the motherboard instead of in front of it? i.e. a case that isn't the full depth of a desktop but has the full width - maybe about a 2-3RU height.
What speed of Pentium4 CPU do you guys recommend for HDTV decoding in software? Minimum spec and recommended spec? Assume a Radeon9700Pro/GeForceFX for hardware assist. -- niall@holbytla.org
Well it *did* work, maybe it's disabled for some reason. The sourcecode is available for perusal... -- niall@holbytla.org
The LiViD project has had a functional DVDdb for some time now, source is available at: http://www.livid.org/ -- niall@holbytla.org
http://linuxtoday.com/news_story.php...12-20-PR-HW-SW "Now, Matrox Linux users can easily configure Matrox DualHead features such as Multi-Display, Clone, and TV Output , as well as make monitor adjustments to resolution settings, pixel depths, and refresh rates." -- niall@holbytla.org
(Re)Announcing The LinuxHTPC Project :-) I just posted the following to linuxhtpc-announce@holbytla.org Please visit: http://linuxhtpc.holbytla.org/ and subscribe to the relevent mailing lists if you're interested: The first post to linuxhtpc-announce@holbytla.org! :-) Welcome. Let me know if you'd like to be unsubscribed, after all this time you'd probably forgotten about the project entirely and some of you may no longer be interested. Actual development so...
Moderators Note: Niall, I cannot allow this site to be linked in the Home Theater Computer forum and it is not only because of AVScience’s associations with a number of companies including DirectTV but it is against the AVScience forums policies altogether. In the future, please keep the actual links to yourself whereas the discussion of such is as always, very welcome indeed. ___Wayne R. Gerdes ___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd. ___ xcel@midwest.idsonline.com The...
Does anyone know when M-Audio plans to release the Digital Theatre 5.1 card? -- niall@holbytla.org
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