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When your bulb dims you'll be wanting it back! you should consider a neutral density filter while the bulb in brand new.
read my white gray silver review below
read reviews below
If you can see the walls its reflecting light. what your eyes see is light not walls If you have a light meter it might be fun to experiment with during these changes
reflection isn't just about color. Make sure the finish is flat or eggshell at the most. This will reflect the least light. Darkness of color and Finish are important. Paint the front and back walls the darkest
yes the screen can move
I only mentioned Phifer as an example. Their 4000 and 200 series are solid performers although with square patterns you do need to tilt the material. For non block patterns look toward French companies.... All this information is probably in the DIY screen section so do your homework.
some of these mesh screen companies may not offer samples because you can then just match the material online for pennies from sunshade material manufacturers like Phifer (Sheerweave) and others.
You got it! I see a lot of setups where I just think to myself, "damn this HT would really look great with a higher gain screen!"
Sensitivity to placebo effect is different in people. I'm confident in a blind test you would fail miserably. This isn't a shot at you digs but every time I test someone in areas like this they always fail. I'm 100% positive you are no exception.
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