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Unless you are over 100 foot lamberts you don't need to even start thinking about too bright.
What do you mean by "blow"?
An additional point is...room matters! To take these measurements you need zero reflections in the room. Deep black! Secondly you need to know how to take them correctly. I'm not saying that ANSI can't have an affect. Just like changing to a cleaner lens or any better component that might make the ANSI go up. I am saying it's unlikely you see the difference. AND with the sliding scale of different rooms that aren't labs, in the real word there's virtually no...
After testing ANSI contrast my conclusions have been unless you make a full magnitude in performance it is likely imperceptible to human vision. So my conclusions of you thinking 230:1 was noticeable from 75:1 is probably argument of placebo effect. Now if you said you could tell the difference in picture from 75:1 to 750:1 I might think this is possible. And of course going from 230:1 you would need to go to 2300:1. So, for some manufacturers to claim there's a...
Yes.ANSI contrast is a worthless measurement as far as I'm concerned.correction: It's good for marketing purposes only.
there are no magic screens
First of course paint your room. Okay, I think the question is which will do a better job of handling ambient light/secondary reflections? All things being equal I have to say more horsepower to overcome the ambient light rather than pretend you can solve this problem by finessing it with a gray screen. High Power especially for your setup if your eyes are anywhere near the light path. If you are sitting off axis maybe a gray screen...and a 3000+ lumen projector.
why is it dying?
It's gonna look like a 110" image on a 120" screen.
white reflects light, black reflects less light. it doesn't matter what the product is
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