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whats the U.S price difference from Amazon U.K and Amazon France?
I don't want to get a fan based on principle. It should work as is, but maybe it's not well designed as thought. Can you use the usb port from the 360 to power the laptop cooler?
Get a fan for the 360 to help cool it or not? I heard it doesn't help since the cpu is inside.
I streamed a bunch of wmv and mp3s, but transport streams, .ts hd movie files don't show up. I have the shared folders with XP SP2 and windows media connect 2.0 running. Do I need another program?
This cable is selling for over a hundred on you know what auction site.
says 12-5 at Bestbuy
but when I try to connect to live for the update, prompts me for hard drive or memory card.
I'm going to do my first update with a 360 core and no hard drive. I can do the fall update to the memory card?
can you use 3.5 hard drives?
Does the second and later shipments of the hd-dvd drive come with King Kong?
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