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Thanks, b_scott. Great to know, but I'm using it for OTA only for now.
Thanks for all the feedbacks here. I'm about to order the XL from Amazon, but wanted to know how long it takes for tivo becomes functional after it is activated.
I see lifetime subsription is being sold on ebay for about $330-350. How are they doing that? If I buy it, will it be registered at Tivo in my name? For possible future transfer/upgrade. Thanks!
Can someone tell how to play dvd/bluray thru the 4308 while it's off/on-standby? Thanks!
Does this unit run warm or hot?
Why wait????? Electronics Experience has the 65V10 in stock and they have it listed on ebay (and get Bing cashback too). I order mind last Thursday and I have it scheduled for delivery this Friday. Talk to David, really nice guy. I was a bit concern since I'm on the West Coast, but when I tracked my TV I found out that it was flown to SanFran and then to LAX. So I'm really excited!!!! The idea is to get everything squared away so we can enjoy the upcoming Holidays.
Thanks Robert... Thanks FilmMixer... for both of your input.
FilmMixer - I've read somewhere that you own both 4310 and 4308. How do they compare sound quality wise? Thanks!!
Will Sony honor warranty from any vendor or authorized dealer only on this unit?
I want 5 cases, sent you a PM.
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