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Hi Gang: Is there a digital, maybe a hard disc based recorder, that can be used as a VCR replacement? I am looking for something that does not require a subscription and is as easy or easier to use than a VCR for my mum. She is using basic cable. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you, Glenn
Hi Gang: Can anyone please suggest a quality external electronic crossover? I want to use a subwoofer with my two-channel system, but my pre-amp does not have a sub-out and the bulk of the subwoofers do not come with line level outputs. Thank you, Glenn
Thank you for the replies, lots of great info. Looks like I have some homework to do! Glenn
Hi Gang: I am looking to get a pair of speakers for my 2-channel set-up. Of course I want great sound, but I also would like to get some speakers that look really cool as well. I was just wondering if any of you could add to my list to check out. So far, these speakers appear interesting: http://www.reference3a.com/index.htm http://www.gershmanacoustics.com/ http://www.anthonygallo.co.uk/ Thank you, Glenn
Hi Gang: I dragged the old 2-channel gear out a while ago, made some upgrades and now I am looking to add a subwoofer as I have two smaller satellites. I am currently using a couple of the larger Pod satellites, but I'll probably upgrade those as well on day. I am looking for a quality (not interested in anything made in the Orient) , musical sub that just doesn't go boom. Not too large as I have limited space. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you, Glenn
Hi gang: My newly acquired turntable has a Benz Micro Glider moving coil cartridge on it. Being that it is a moving coil cartridge I assumed that I needed a phono preamp because of the low output. I don't have a phono preamp so I decided to hook it up anyway to see what happens. As it turns out, it sounded just fine and it gives me plenty of volume. That said, is there any reason why I would need a phono preamp for it? I have a quality Bryston preamp. Thank you, Glenn
Can I ask you how you make a custom resolution in XP? Thank you, Glenn
Thank you guys again, I really appreciate the input. Since you both don't seem to be using MCE, can I ask what software you do use? Just as a matter of interest I through a disc in my xBox ans the quality of the DVD playback was not as good as my HTPC was there were a lot of staircasing artifacts. I had my Sony 1271 running at 1072 by 600, but found that 1280 by 720 gives me a much better picture. Is 1080i basically not the same as 720p? I understand the...
Thanks guyz, I really appreciate the input. Just as a matter of interest, if one does use MCE does that then negate the need for a program like TheaterTek? Is TheaterTek used all that much anymore? Does MCE have the ability to adjust color, gamma and custom resolutions? My projector does not support a resolution of 1920x1080p. 1280 by 720 is the limit of my projector to my knowledge. If I did want to upgrade to a DVD player capable of HD and Blue-Ray can I ask...
Hi Troy: Thank you for the reply. DVD playback is really my only desire. I have no desire to store movies, I usually watch them once and that's it. I don't play games, but I like the idea of HD-DVD or Blueray, I suppose if I am going to the trouble to build a new one may as well do it right. I don't know what MCE2005 is. Ca you suggest the hardware I should look at? Video card ,operating system, DVD player and 'other software? I have tried other...
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