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Update to the problems I was having a couple of weeks ago. First of all thanks to everyone that helped. Sent the 1612 back to Crutchfield for a replacement. The new one came in and the HDMI out seems to work on this one. No repeater necessary, works fine. Blu-Ray will show up at 1080, but for some reason the Xbox only shows up when set to 720p, 1080 doesn't work. Also the auto setup for the speakers keeps saying no mic attached. I don't think the lower tier Denons...
It isn't the cable. BD player and xbox hooked up directly to projector (with 25' cable) work fine. I need to find a way to hook the receiver up closer to see if it is even passing a signal I guess. I was just curious on whether this was a common occurrence with the 1612. Or like you said, try 720p. I will do some more troubleshooting after work. Thanks. Tim
That is the same cable I am using.
This is what I ordered yesterday---> http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=104&cp_id=10419&cs_id=1041914&p_id=7700&seq=1&format=2 Will see if that solves the problem. Figured it wouldn't have any problem with 25', guess I was wrong. It works straight from the BD player to the projector, or straight from the xbox, but not when you route it through the Denon.
Is anyone here using a 1612 with a projector? Can't seem to get the receiver to push video over 25' ft of cable to the projector. Tim
Panny 220 it is then. Thanks Bill. Tim
Does the Sony treat discs with scratches better than the Panny? Have an older Panasonic (BD65), and any rental discs with scratches and it chokes on them.
This is the thing I miss most about moving away from XBMC. You have to drill down through several layers to get to the movies. Tim
Ok, thanks. Tim
So the component outputs don't work? Tim
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