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The only people at DirecTV that have any idea what customer service is are the 2 installers I've seen. Thanks Jason and Frank!!! Got a call this morning from the tech guy and he came out early and brought a new HR-34. So far so good. Keep your fingers crossed...
DirecTV really knows how to p*** a customer off. A package came today and it contained a standard HD receiver. After being on the phone for 30 min. or so and transfered to FIVE different departments I was told that they will not ship out an HR-34. A technician must come and "install" it. So now I get to take a day off of work tomorrow and wait from Noon till 4PM for a tech. Very, very unhappy customer.
Well, it was going swimmingly until last Fri. night. It started acting very flaky. Lots of freezing and slow or no response to commands. By midnight it died with an error message that means the drive crapped out. Called Dave Sat morning and new unit is in the way. I made a mistake when talking to the rep. At one point he asked me if I had an OTA antenna connnected and I said no. I'm pretty sure they have a model with an OTA tuner and I probably could have had that one. Oh...
I have only had it for a week but so far no big complaints. It streams to the other receivers. Also, you can set up recordings from the other receivers.The 30 sec skip forward is actually a "slip" in that it takes about 2 or 3 secs to slide forward. There is a way to make it do an instant 30 sec skip forward but Mrs. K is liking it the way it is so...The UI is pretty and functional. No big issues there either. Another cool thing is that there is only 1 coax feed to the...
Thanks!! I appreciate that. I dumped all my spare UTV stuff 2 years ago and decided to let them die a natural death. I can't believe how long these thing lasted.Still diggin the new receiver. Record 5 things at the same time, watch from other receivers in the system. Sweet!!
Well, it finally happened. One tuner in each of the 3 UTV's I had in service died so I replaced 2 of them with Dave's Home Media Center HD DVR. I am keeping one of the UTV's in my workshop just for old times sake. BTW, I'm loving the new receiver!
If you have not already done this: Unplug the power and sat. cables and let it sit for an hour or so and try again. Sometimes they will come back to life. Good luck!
See, Ted was right.
Ted Turner thinks you are a criminal if you skip commercials. Think of what you are teaching the children...
Thanks! Looks like I will need to do some reading if I'm gonna play with these.
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