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Hi, Thank you for the replies, you have certainly pointed out some things that I can see the value of. I think I would still prefer individual posts though, and then use a search engine to find information. But maybe that will change once I get a specific model, with specific problems. (52XV555 arriving in a week) Thank you, walther
Hi, What advantage of these official threads with several thousand replies am I missing ? Reading them from an end is impossible, search results are difficult to use, severeal discussions occur in parellel etc. Would it not be better to have individual posts with title "Model, Problem" that would make it much easier looking for information,... Just wondering, Thank you, walther
Hi, Does anyone know this one: Toshiba 52XV555DG I have just ordered one based on price and specs only ! I still have time to cancel the order, since it will not be back in stock for another 14 days,.... Any comments on this, or related models would be greatly appreciated, Thank you, walther
Hi, Sure, and I would love your help. I just thought that if an overview was available, perhaps as a sticky, many problems could be solved? For instance, I have just installed MCE, and my questions are very general: NVidia-bronze decoder does not do 5.1, but can the AC3-filter do that or my soundcard? What does the MME influence: the settings in MCE or the NVidia control panel or my soundcard? The sound level in MCE, what is that adjusting:...
Hi, I have been trying to figure out how sound works by reading previous threads, but there seems to be a lot of confusion because few people know what to call things, and how sound is routed. Could someone please give an overview with correct names and routing, perhaps something like: source: mpeg / AC3 / DTS -> decoder: nVidia / AC3codec / Soundcard? -> MME? -> spdif -> Soundcard? -> Wave??? -> Speaker As you can see, I have no idea how...
Hi, I have installed MCE, and found out I need a DVD Decoder. The NVidia decoder bronze version does not support 5.1. But I have Prodigy 192 sound card, can it do the DVD 5.1 sound decoding? I could really need a good overview of the sound/video decoding is routed between devices/codecs/programs/modules on a Windoze machine. Thank you, Walther
Once again I am amazed by the speed and quality of answers here on the forum. You were absolute right! I thought I would write a few lines describing how much I absolutely hate M$, but I really couldnt be bothered, I am sure we all agree. (and if we do not, do not get me started!) Thanks, Walther
Hi, I have bought an MCE OEM version, but I can not get it running? I have tried on three computers now, with a GeForce 5200 that should be supported. During installation it asks for SP2, which I do not have? and then fails to install menu items including IE, which I need for updates,.... If I install IE myself, I get an error during software update that is not documented. Any thoughts? All appreciated,... Latest computer Athlon3200, ASUS A8V,...
Hi, I was really tired of the free HTPC programs, because all they did was just interface to other programs, and not always very elegant. You also needed to rely on hundreds of decoders, and a lot of knowledge of sound throughput, sound processing and image formats. So I thought, I would just buy one. But all that was changed was just prettier graphics? You still needed DVD decoders, other programs and decoders, etc. Who will pay 80-100$ for an interface ?? Does...
Ok, I get the picture :) Can anyone recommend an online store that has flame-proof resistors ? Once again thank you for the always detailed replies, walther
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