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Ok Fetch. (Hey enjoyed your build thread - would love to hear those eD12's) UP: Down: Have it on a maintained wall switch and love not having to find the remote!
Just feel the need to chime in and say how happy I am with my Seymour AT electric screen and SERVICE. I had a problem with my screen and Chris took care of it in a more than fair and professional manner! My family and I enjoy this screen at least once a week (for years now) and I enjoy knowing it came from a great guy I can trust! Thanks Chris! Ken Land
Every time I come to the site I get a big message at the top saying I'm using AN OUTDATED BROWSER! So I click on it to go get an updated browser but it sends me to a download for IE8. Problem is I'm running IE9 (usually 9 is considered less outdated than 8 ) Like the look of the new site. Thanks, Ken
Your router has to support Bonjour - the protocol behind AirPlay and AirPrint. I had all sorts of problems and went through three different routers. Finally went and got an Apple Airport Extreme and all is perfect ever since. I'm sure there are others but I got tired of messing with it and went with Apple.
I've had that happen a few times over the last umm 30 yrs. I used to get it fixed but the fix never lasted more than a few months. I just get a new one now. It's like a car battery that has gone bad. It's not coming back. I mean sure if you can get someone to replace the entire board(s) but I wouldn't waste my out of warranty money on a repair. Just my experience. I'm sure others have had different.
I tried everything from Netgear, D-Link, Belkin, and one Linksys. The box's say stuff like 5X Range, *10X* Range etc. etc.... They were all within 10-15 feet of each other in my house and fell short. The top Netgear was the marginal winner so I went with that. Then eveyone started streaming Netflix and marginal wastn't good enough so I added Amped Wireless extenders and all seemed good - except my new AirPlay setup didn't work. Finally I found some good info about...
I went through the same troubles with AirPlay and tried everything. The problem is not all network gear support Bonjour which is required for AirPlay to function properly. I finally gave up trying this brand and that brand and got an Apple Airport Extreme. I kind of hate to say it, but I'm now an Apple only networking house. Not only did it make my AirPlay rock solid, but range, range extending, and measured throughput in low bar situations have all improved. - Ken
Hi, Can anyone recommend a good wireless extender/access point/repeater that works well with AirPlay and the AV7005? I'm using an Amped Wireless top end model right now, but I can't get it to work for more than a song or two at a time before the connection breaks. I just got a call from Amped Wireless Support saying their devices were not compatible with Bonjour - the protocol used by AirPlay. Sooooo hopefully they will come out with an update as the repeater works...
Are these still available? I sent you a PM with offer just in case... Ken
http://www.monoprice.com/home/promo.asp?pn=10_anniversary_sale&utm_source=cj&utm_medium=banner_125x125&utm_content=10thAnniversary_landing&utm_campaign=10_ann_july_q3_2012&afsrc=1&ref=cj I recently purchased and installed their HDBaseT HDMI over a single Cat5e cable. It has been working flawlessly. Highly recommended. (I got the one with the built in network switch on each side) Also, I had trouble at first but it turned out to be poor crimping on my network cable due...
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