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I use ATI-player 4.1 and DVDgenie 4.05. To get the S/PDIF output on my ATI-player to work properly I needed to unregister the WinDVD filters in DVDgenie. After that the sound worked as it should but at the same time the picture starded to be (my english isn´t that good so I don´t know the right word so i try a few) jerky/spasmodic/jagging/stammering/stuttering/halting. In other words , it looks like I´m watching videomaterial with a really slow CPU, if you know...
The best thing you can do is to run the LT150 with a HTPC with a 16:9 desktop. Then all 4:3 material will be centered inside the 16:9 screen, with black bars on the sides. If you don´t have a HTPC you can try to do this: In the LT150 meny, click on Image Options/Advance Options/Resolution, and then change to the other option there. Then the LT150 will not scale the picture to fit its resolution so the picture will be smaller because of the smaller resolution on the...
Ooh, now I see! Thanks for clearing that out for me!
Is the 7.1 version the best one? It seems like a lot of people uses the 4.1 version. Is that an older version or just a diffirent version?
Should it matter if I´m using an internal or external DVD player for my HTPC? I still need to scale the signal for my projector don´t I?
I´m kind of a rookie when it comes t this. Honestly I don´t know what a capture card is so perhaps that is the problem. Otherwise I´m using Win 98.
When I try to start DScaler it says: "No Suitable Hardware" and then it shuts down. I´ve got a Radeon VE card and a Tochiba DVD. I´m using DVDGenie and ATI DVD Player 7.1 What is the problem? /Magnus
Hmm, the blacks you guys see is not the blacks that I see. Maybe i should look over my "external settings", and try to mask my screen, block halo etc, etc.... I´m only using a screen without any blackborders or anything and the wall behind is white. I was thinking of installing black curtains to make the wall black when I´m watching a movie but my girlfriend refused. I don´t have room for Home Theater only, but I guess I can make some black borders on the screen at...
Lou Sytsma: The blacks are to grey. Perhaps a greyhawk would do the trick. I shall experiment with the settings and see if I can get it better. Do you use Natural 1 och Natural 2? Perhaps the problem is there. I know that there can be some diffirence from projector to projector so maybe I just got one of the bad ones.
Hi! I recently got my LT150 and a really like the picture except for the blacks. It´s far from as black as I was hoping for. Not much better than many LCD projectors. Isn´t DLP projectorns known especially for their good blacks? I have calibrated the LT150 with Video Essentials. Is it possible that I have missed some setting or something? What do you other LT150 owners think about the blacks? Is this as good as it gets? /Magnus
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