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Thank you all for the input. I'll let you know if I'm able to get the sub and how it works in the big, live room.
Well it is used and a few years old so I wouldn't expect to pay the new price. But the big question is whether the subwoofer will be able to handle that big room. My current sub is an SB12 plus but it is an older one.
I have a chance to get a good deal on a Rythmic FV15HP that I would be using in a really big, high ceilinged room. This house is in Mexico, the room is 20x27 with a ceiling that gets higher from front to back, starting at 9 feet and going to over 14 feet. The walls are plaster, the floor is wood and the ceiling is hard masonry too. Plus, about half the rear wall opens to a living room below. I currently am using an SVS PB12 sub which I moved here from my last house. ...
Very little access to HT gear this far south, hence I am going to find something up there on my next car trip to TX and haul it back. Hence, it can't be overly huge. What about one of these cylindrical SVS subs with the 800 watt amp? They are ported. The room is a bear. 20 feet wide, 27 feet deep but then the fun starts as half the back wall is open to a huge family room and fireplace below. Needless to say my LFEs get lost in this space. I have to hand it to the...
Thank you. Another question, are there other similar subs that would be compatible with this one in the event I can't find one?
I currently have a HT with a single SVS SB12 subwoofer. This was pretty good for the smaller room I had this setup in but clearly overwhelmed by the bigger room I have it in now. I am in Mexico so I am limited as to what I can bring back. Since my Parasound preamp has dual subwoofer outlets, I am thinking that a decent compromise might be to add a second SVS SB12 rather than start over with something a lot bigger and more expensive. Budget is a big factor and I have...
Since we are being asked our opinion. . . . No. And I doubt it will every go mainstream either. Given WHAT we watch most of the time, the resolution and expense just isn't necessary. Purely my opinion, no flames please.
Congratulations Don. Years later I am still enjoying my Stewart Greyhawk. When something is made right the first time, it endures.
I've read the reviews on this upcoming player and it looks like it would be worth waiting for. Anyone here have any idea when it might reach the stores or Amazon? Thanks.
Thanks, I'll take a look at that. And thank you again for your help. Interesting, if I turn the HDTV tuner box on first, before starting the projector, the major color problem I reported at the beginning of this thread doesn't occur. The color is still not quite right when compared to the HDMI input, however.
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