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yeah, check that your TV will output the 5.1 audio. Chances are it downmixes it to play it and sends that out. In your setup, try using the HDMI for video and audio on the TV, but hook up a SPDIF directly from the PC to the receiver for 5.1 sound that way.
generic question alert... 1) Can the xbox360 now stream media files like DVDs (vob files), mkvs (H264/VC-1 encoded), and .ts files? 2) Can the HD-PVR be used with Win7 MC?
what you can get with the 4670 is TruHD and DTS-MA downsampled to 16/48 via LPCM out of the 4670. You have to install the audio drivers for that function of your video card and then point Windows/PowerDVD to use that HDMI output. I did this back in the day with a Radeon 2600XT.
not to be a troll, but if you need something NOW, get a popcorn hour A-110 or the newer model which can handle a Blu-ray drive. Yes, it's not a PC, but it has been serving up HD Audio codecs for me for about a year now without issue (unless I ripped wrong).
Just use the video card from your current HTPC to install WHS on the server. Then yank it out and put it back in the HTPC. This is exactly what I did. Don't forget the lower power draw even with an idle video card. That also generates heat. Without the video card, you should be good for a few degrees cooler inside the case.
i get a server error to about having invalid credentials.
I second stanger89. I've had mine for about a year now and the beginning was rough, but with good drivers/stable system, I only have to intervene with a hard reset like once a month. I've also been running Sage...
I'm confused....what machines are connected via Wifi and which are not? Make all machines wired if possible, as Wifi doesn't really work well. Your HD speed is not likely the issue as 1080p = about 20-30Mbps = 2.5 - 3.75MB/s. Drive from the ATA33 days were capable of that. Please report back on how playback of the same file local to the playback machine goes. If that doesn't work, then we need to fix that problem first.
what kind of machine is the playback machine? Does it playback the same exact file fine if it's local? I've used iperf to test different settings on my network card to get things tuned properly. It could also be if you are running Vista/Win7 on playback machine. There is a "Network_throttle" reg key somewhere that defaults to 10 (10 percent of available bandwidth to media)raise that to 70 and life should be much better. Good Luck.
Vocab lesson: ripping - taking bits of data off of a disc (DVD or BR) transcoding - converting from one video/audio format to another (i.e. - MPEG2 to H264) scaling - changing the resolution of a video In your case you have a DVD and likely an HDTV that does 1080p. The DVD is at best 480p in the MPEG2 video format. If you transcode the video to H264, it will take less space given the nature of H264 being better at compression. You could also upscale the video at that...
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