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" "Almost unnoticeable"??? Geez, have your prescription checked lately? Is everyone in your life short and fat like they used to look on WFOR? " No, perharps YOU ARE and are therefore sensitized to the issue....... I think the WFOR method was a 10%V by 30%H, which was pretty benign. anyway, here is the vote thread to figure out the target viewer's preference: http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/Forum20/HTML/005558.html (note: all e-beam display...
So. Florida viewers ple vote on your preference for WFOR upconverts : whether you prefer the previous stretch to 16:9......or the present 4:3 inside the 16:9 Since this comes down to a personal influenced by equipment owned, and all arguments are already beaten to death(ie Burn-in, short/fat etc etc), just a simple vote will do, with out the disertations.....and please just WFOR actual viewers(no need for votes from N...
Hello W4, Back in May we had many discussions on the forum about stretch vs. none, and I think the viewer vote went with stretch and you implemented it. Did something change to go to non-s? The main reason I prefer it is that non-s in a 16:9 set could cause burn-in. Your stretch HW did such a good job that it really became almost unnoticiable. Anyway, maybe you want to take another vote of the viewers in So Florida? tks
WPBT 76 WFOR 74 WSVN 70 WPLG 80 With amplified uhf/vhf ant in attic, all very solid. Note: I had to endlessly mess with ant position to get all stations(with WPLG and WFOR the hardest to get at same time). It is now ROTATED about 10 deg clockwise(not level) and pointed SSE and pointed slightly DOWN. I m near I 595 and Flamingo. I m not an employee of any station, but would gladly take cash from any or all of them, I could see SNR going to 100 under the right...
Unfortunately it looks like FOX has proven to the NFL that the SuperBowl in HD is a "dont care" with the fans. Even out of this forum practically ZERO feedback went back to the NFL. I understand that they received less than 5 letters on the issue. Believe it or not......... See http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/Forum20/HTML/003779.html
Bottom line is that CBS does not have the SB this year, so their HD coverage of games will, by omission of the #1 event, be light years different from last year. The objective should be to apply some pressure/feedback on the NFL from the fans that HD is DESIRED. Right now the NFL has felt ZERO feedback from fans, they have reveived literaly a tiny handfull of letters on the subject. I believe even a few letters from forum members will be felt because they seem to be...
W4GUY, Appreciate all WFOR engineering staff has done/overcome to bring HD to SF....even going thru the expense of a temp setup for a few months. I will buy you plus 2 coworkers lunch at your pick of restaurant anytime. Just send me an email(PM button above) with target date! Oscar
What a wonderful experience last nite....to have a choice between 3 HD OTA Shows!! OK, only between 10 and 11PM; but it was great to "HDsurf" for a bit. The shape of things to come.
I could not pick up WPBT-DT since sometime yesterday(Friday) Called station and was told they are on the air right now....anybody else having problems? Was getting a solid 70 BER before. tks
Sorry, I meant 18 and 18-3.
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