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I believe "Pixelization" can include artifacts described as either macroblocking or mosquito noise. The former shows itself as literally blocks (small to large in size) and the latter as flickering bits. The grain you are seeing might be the latter. In layman speak (as I understand it), you get pixelization when there are not enough available bits in the datastream to properly form the picture on the screen. Instead you see fuzzy images (poor detail) and/or...
Back in January I exchanged emails with Ken Thayer/WIS engineer who said their two sub channels together consume about 4.5mB/s bandwidth; Weather plus 2.8mB/s; SD simulcast 2.0. After you factor in overhead (PSIP), that leaves about 14mB/s for their HD service. I also fail to understand the reason for a SD multicast. I have asked WIS's management and engineering why and they have not (will not?) answered that question. ____ Bruce
Tonight was a HD triple header so I surfed between WOLO (The Green Mile), WLTX (Die Another Day ) and WIS (Olympics) . I had absolutely no problem receiving WOLO-DT tonight. Ditto WLTX though their volume levels were significantly higher than the other two (kept me busy changing volume on my a/v receiver). My Samsung (SIR-T150) however lost sync with WIS-DT every few minutes (complete loss of picture). I had no such reception problem with WOLO or WLTX. Pixelization...
Met expectations...unfortunately ____ Bruce
They have that new "news center" located in some building right in front of the capitol. Reckon they "film" there and zap it electronically to (shhhhhh.....you know where). Then after it is magically deliciousized, it comes back in the finished broadcast stream that zapped to the tower (and cable head-end) and then to all the viewers _____ Bruce
Bob, Just wanted to add my thanks to your WOLO team for last night's broadcast of the SuperBowl. Appreciate your hard work and tweaking the bandwidth as well. _____ Bruce
Powering down by hitting the button on the front plate should not affect its ability to record. Do a a cold reboot... the easiest way is to unplug the power cord from the back of the box and wait for at least 10 seconds. Then plug it back in and wait for the time to come back on (takes several minutes). It seems the boxes internal memory occasionally gets corrupted. The reboot will clear it and the box will usually reload the correct code. Anytime you have problems...
brain *****. what else can I say. (been long time since I had one of those puppies)
Bob is the head honcho of WOLO engineering ... they do all the sat stuff in Charlotte and zap it down to Cola via fiber optic cable. If he gets it handled, you will see WOLO in HD again this afternoon! If not; well hmmmm (the options that come to mind aren't pretty) Actually; I imagine we will here from Bob no matter what, he IS one of the good guys! _____ Bruce
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