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Both models are real new. I looking at both as well. The 47GA7900 has Google TV as its smart TV Interface while the Samsung has the Samsung interface. If you are an Android user you might feel comfortable with the Google TV Interface. The LG Electronics 47LA7400 is similar to the GA7900 in terms of display quality but has the LG Smart TV Interface and it's less expensive.http://www.amazon.com/LG-Electronics-47LA7400-47-Inch-LED-LCD/dp/B00BBAFWQA
I would like to know this also. Is the difference hardware or firmware?
Canoga Park, CA (Los Angeles - San Fernando Valley). I'm pretty sure the price was $179.00.
I see Costco now has the Sony BDP-BX58 in stock(which is the Warehouse equivalent of upcoming Sony BDP-S580). Anyone purchased on of these units yet? Comments or reviews? Thanks.
I'm considering the DMP-BDT210 but it needs to be able to play DIVX AVI files from the USB Port. It looks like DIVX is only supported on Canadian models according to the manual. The firmware seems to be North American. What's preventing the US Models from playing DIVX files and can the limitation be overcome?
I had the same issue BD Advisor not says HDCP compliant with the 2600XT and 8.3 drivers - It had "dual displays" HDMI and VGA connected. I removed the VGA connection and now BD Advisor reports as HDCP compliant. Is there a "workaround" to allow dual displays?
I have a 606 in use for about a week. The other day it started turning off spontaneously and the red power light goes in a flashing state. It does restart if the unit is "turned on" again. I have unplugged the unit for the power source for eight hours and the issue still occurs. It seems to be an audio related issue as if the video is output and the source is muted it never occurs. It occurs on all connected devices both HDMI and Optical. Sometimes it takes 10...
That's why I purchased from Amazon today with $3.99 overnight shipping on the Amazon Prime 30 day Trial - its coming tomorrow. I wanted to buy it from BestBuy at a B&M store with a 10% off coupon for easier return - but BB doesn't even seem to know the BDP-S350 exists.
I was considering buying the BDP-S350 from Best Buy for easy return. As it is not even showing on their website as a "Preorder", I thought I would stop by the Pleasant Hill, CA store on the way home this evening and if they had any access to updated information. When I entered the area there was no salespeople to be found anywhere. I looked all over for a few minutes and one of the "tie clad" salespeople from the Magnolia area arrived and I asked: "When will you have...
Ok, I got the card to output to the HDMI, clearly the VGA and HDMI cannot be connected and active at the same time on this new style card (Two techs at Diamond MM told me otherwise today!) I was able to connect to the VGA display with the DVI-VGA adapter so both connections now work. Audio is good as well with the realtek drivers. Now on to "Full Screen" Flash - this worked with my previous X600 card! I just see a blank screen or the screen cut into two different...
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