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Very interesting. High output / folded ribbon tweeter / waveguide..... I would love to hear those.
At least nothing falls in price faster than processing power..... . What costs $$$$ today costs $$ tomorrow. And then $ the next day. One can only hope the manufacturers follow suit. Now proprietary IP $$$$ may not fall so fast....
Ugh that will really be a shame if the 4k in is that expensive. The current ~4k price point is about as much as I would pay for a video processor... especially since the only reason I would be getting it would be the calibration capabilities.... the Sony's upscaling, especially with the 1100 upgrade, is certainly adequate. And its so close to spot on even without a CMS that I haven't felt the desire to pay for a non 4k processor. But if its $6k retail, I guess I am...
It still doesn't do 4k in. I am a little surprised that they came out with another unit between their previous "4k" ones and a future 4k in box.
No more 150lb crate? Rich you are going cheap on us! just kidding of course...
Well that FMP-X1 didn't last long. At least they learned that a round form factor is stupid. Still no rack ears though Looks like a Ps4. Maybe we will still get a PS4 update at some point to add 4k streaming / downloading making this dedicated device unnecessary. http://store.sony.com/gsi/webstore/WFS/SNYNA-SNYUS-Site/en_US/-/USD/ViewProduct-Start?SKU=27-FMPX10
The app saw my server and gave me the cover art gui. I chose a Bluray MKV movie and, after about a minute or so of nothing, it played flawlessly.
I am just curious to see if we read an actual review from anyone during April. If they are really shipping, then I refuse to believe that one of the "earliest" people on the list wouldn't be a forum member of the Emotiva boards, and here too, probably. If there is no end user review in April, or multiple reviews, really, then I won't believe that they shipped any. But oh well... life goes on. The downside is that our house is going on the market and by June I...
The house I have my eye on has a 33 x 25 room earmarked for theater 2.0. I hope it doesn't get away before we can get this one sold.
I think I have seen posts stating that I should just go with a software decoder, then some stating CUVID, and some copyback. I have an Nvidia 780TI and Core i7 @ 4.5 Ghz. Which decoder option is the best?
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