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Hello .... hello ... hellooooooooo ... can someone please tell me how I get back to AVS ? I seem to have wandered off into a weird corner of the net !! LOL Cheers,
About time! Many times whilst reading this thread and looking at your crappy work, I thought to myself "if only cowger had a proper work bench he could do something really nice !" LOL Cheers,
All this 911 talk is making me miss her even more ... This was taken on Jebel Hafeet outside of Al Ain in the UAE. One of the world's great driving roads ! Cheers,
My baffle wall is probably one of the larger one's here and it's constructed from 2" x 6" with two layers of 3/4" MDF. The baffle wall is not decoupled from the rest of the room. The speaker baffles are flush with the face of the MDF and the 1" insulation sits proud. Some photos in my build thread. Cheers,
No fabric track in my build at all !The columns and walls are all individual panels. I used a ripped down bullnose skirting profile for the panel framing with mitre cuts at all the corners. It was probably more work than some of the other panel framing methods used here, but I'm really happy with the results.Cheers,
If you want to simply compare the performance of one sheet product against another, instead of looking at assemblies, then the better material is typically the heavier one ... it's all about max pounds for the buck ! Cheers,
Cable war about to break out in 10, 9, 8, 7 ... Cheers,
I've been happily married for 22 years and I was really into 2 channel when I met my wife, so she knew what she was getting ! The whole subject of spend now / save for retirement is very interesting and whilst we are keenly aware of having enough to see us through, I've never, ever considered a purchase as adding to my working life. I've sometimes calculated how many days / weeks I need to work to buy something, but I don't add it on at the end ... I think if I started...
If your wife actually used these words ... "A dedicated movie theater is a prime example of hedonistic adaptation. It's a vulgar display of male power to spend outrageous amounts of money and time to consume a scarce resource (living space) for a purpose with limited use." then I'm seriously worried for you !! Cheers,
Dean, I think you're reading more than intended into my comment. I was simply referring to "incognito" mode in Chrome or something like that. And, BTW, I'm with you on the whole piracy issue. I have about 1,000 CDs and 200 DVDs + BRs ripped onto my NAS drive and every single shiny disc is in storage. I also drive my kids crazy banging on about buying what they want. Cheers,
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