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I just moved into a house with a 20 x 20 Bonus Room. The ceiling is 10'. The walls are 8'. From the 8' height the ceiling begins and tapers at a 45% angle to the 10' height. I know, this is about as bad as HT dimensions can get. I intend to place bass traps floor to the 8' height in all 4 corners. After that I am stumped. Can anyone suggest a way to remediate the square dimensions beyond what I have described? Beyond the normal 1st reflection panels, I...
Irrivirsible, Costco honors all warrantees for everything they sell. Actually, I don't believe receivers fall into the 90 Day return policy. In reality, you can return the item at any time. I have never had an issue with Costco. Based on the horror stories I am reading about the Onkyo x008 series receivers and the fact online retailers are not doing much to help (in most cases), Costco is a safer bet any day. If the same Onkyos were sold at Costco, those with...
hmunster2, It's probably a mute point. In chat with a Crutchfield rep I was informed that the 3008 and 5008 units were discontinued. It shows as discontinued on their site as well. I guess that's why they are down to $1,100 and 1,600 respectively. Why fix a problem when you can discontinue it? Not sure what their plans were but I find it strange. Regardless of the price, unless I can get a manufacture date or serial number range for "good" units, I wouldn't touch...
Robster, Oops!!! I stand corrected. I didn't read the coupon. I assumed it was for both. Dom
Best buy and Target will have the 2-disc version of the Toy Story 3 BD for $19.99 on Tuesday. With the Disney coupon, that's $11.99.
Went to TRU. They would not sell B&TB for 22.99 per the online sale. I was told they don't match their own online ads. Price was $27.99 in store (display had $29.99). Maybe I got a pinhead...not sure. YMMV. I went to BB and got it for $14.99 w/coupon. Dom
Check Costco. I picked up BDs of Gone with the Wind (single disc), Wizard of Oz (single disc), Walk the Line, and King Kong (new one) for $9.99 each about 2 months ago.
Hey Art, Nice pic! That's from the Outer Limits - The Zanti Misfits correct? I still get the chills thinking about it 45+ years after I first saw that episode. Just found the full episode on Imdb. Dom
Greetings, My BD-55 did auto update to ver. 1.7 before I watched Iron Man for the second time this evening. I have 7.1 analogs and the Dolby TruHD audio was every bit as "great" and "thunderous" as it was the first time I watched it. Regards, Dom
Johnann, Double check the mutli analog connections again. Do you have speakers all set to Large in the 55BD? You should also have the levels at zero in the 55BD. Try those settings. Try sending the full frequency signal to receiver so it can do the cut off (80 Hz etc.). My receiver has the +10 boost when in multi-channel analog in and the bass boost was quite noticeable. Check with the manufacturer as well. The 10+ dB increase should work. Regards, Dom
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