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Quote: Originally posted by rezzy Agreed, Darth Davis. If anything, it was cut from the DLP version (Don't know why it would be, though). ;)
ROTK was on 10 reels and over 3 hours long. Some things had to be cut or an intermission would be required. It probably also would have required a third DTS disc, which would have created problems for many exhibitors.
Quote: Originally posted by joekun I just came back from a film screening of Sith after having seen it in DLP the other night. It struck me that Padme didn't name Leia in the film print version, I believe that scene was missing. Did I just miss it or was the part where she names Leia not in the film version? (There were rumors of additional footage being added to the DLP version) I saw it on film and Padme definitely names both babies.
Quote: Originally posted by FredProgGH That's right, forgot about the GG. Well, she was fine in Closer but I really don't think the role itself merited that type of attention. IMO, Leon showed some real acting chops. But, anyway it supports my argument that she can act. :) Actually, I agree with you and I thought she was miscast in Closer. I was going to say the sterile environment of the green/blue screen may leave the actors feeling detached...
Quote: Originally posted by Terminator840 I sat through the credits and didn't see a DTS logo on the credits either. I visited the DTS site and they listed SW Episode III as being available in DTS. A DTS track was made for the movie (as it is for most releases from major studios). If you heard audio dropouts during reel changes it was probably in Dolby Digital. If you heard audible "pops" it was probably in stereo. Believe it or not, it is cheaper...
Quote: Originally posted by Terminator840 I read a internet rumor a while back that the Millennium Falcon was going to be in Episode III. Was it in there somewhere? I didn't see it. It's in there, near the beginning, landing on one of the lower levels.
Fred, Believe it or not, she won a Golden Globe for Closer and was nominated for an Academy Award for the same role.
If you crush someone's larynx they will die shortly thereafter when it collapses.
So what action scenes did Spielberg direct?
I saw it. It looks too similar to other "super hero" movies for my taste. What's so special about this latest movie in the genre? It's the Fantastic Four. But it looks generic. This stuff doesn't have that new feeling anymore. And it feels a little watered down somehow. The action doesn't seem very active. Something flies through the air and then the heroes pose and fight and pose while they fight and fight while they pose. But with diminished expectations come "pleasant...
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