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I get the same thing, and it happens about 5-10 minutes after I turn on my TV, 100% consistently. I turn on my TV, 5-10 minutes later I get one short black cut-out, and it never happens again as long as I keep the TV on.
Is there any way to get rid of the error that pops up when you lose HDMI signal briefly? Having to switch my Harmony over to TV mode to just hit OK and make it go away is really annoying.
It's just tone-mapping to increase local contrast. It's similar what HDR algorithms to do compress the dynamic range of a HDR image, it's just doing it on an image that isn't HDR. Definitely seems like it'd mess too much with the way the image is intended to be displayed for me.
You might be able to find that information in your router. My Asus router has a logs section where it shows connections from devices, including their IP address, device name, and MAC address. I'm not sure that'll help you though, I don't think the police will be able to locate it simply by MAC address unless it connects to a specific network (maybe the SmartTV servers?) and the police are willing to subpoena whoever's running that network.
Man I wish my superpower wasn't so annoying! I even see the orange logo on the back of my Logitech mouse separate into yellow and red.
I don't think so -- it's the same thing I've seen on other plasma sets, and I don't see it on LCDs. Like I said, on bright or not-super-high-contrast scenes the picture is incredible. But those dark scenes are really brutal, and I was hoping there was some recommended way to at lessen the effect.I think I'm just unusually sensitive to it. Color wheel projectors drive me nuts too.
Any strategies/settings that might help me deal with the rainbow effect? On most programming it's not an issue, but any time it's really contrasty (particularly if the contrasty has a yellow tinge, like candle-lit scenes) it's driving me nuts. Are there settings that could help minimize it, or ambient lighting that might help? It's kind of shocking that a 600Hz screen has this much phosphor lag, I'd assumed it was only a thing that happened with older/slower displays.
So my week-old F8500 is popping up a little banner at the top of the screen periodically saying there's a scheduled service maintenance for like 8 hours next week sometime? What is that? Since when does my TV go down for hours at a time for maintenance?
I put a 4' by 2' panel directly behind it and it didn't seem to make much difference. Guess I'll just have to try to get used to it. :-/
Yep got a new 60 yesterday, and it's definitely buzzy. Very loud if you put your head right behind it particularly in the top/bottom/left/right corners, and it'll definitely catch my ear in a "what's that buzz?" kind of way periodically as I move the angle of my head from ~9 feet away. I'm going to try to put a couple little pieces of sound-absorbing foam behind it, see if that fixes it. It's definitely louder that I'd expect out of a $3K TV.
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