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There is an Atmos theatre near me in Monrovia, so I'll definitely check it out.
Height speakers placed high above your front L/R will give the impression of a taller front soundstage. Height speakers placed high up between your fronts and surrounds will give the impression of sounds above you. Up to you to pick the height effect you want to hear.
Yes, as long as the height speakers are forward of the listening position, somewhere between the front speakers and surround speakers.
Agreed, but for the moment "object-audio" is being conflated with "more speakers" or "height speakers" the way "Dolby Digital" was initially synonymous with "5.1". That perception will change over time as object-audio decoders become ubiquitous the way Dolby Digital decoders did.
Any 9.1-channel pre-pro or receiver with Dolby PLIIz or DTS Neo:X surround processing modes. However, before you buy anything, wait for CEDIA in September to see what new products are announced.
Yup, the easy explanation is that you missed the sarcasm in my previous post. But Scott got it.
Industry ploy to sell more speakers.
Yup, they keep emphasizing "production" rather than "delivery".
You don't know? Wow. Bill is right, the discussion would be better served in the dedicated Atmos thread. Repost your question there if you are truly interested in an answer.
Same as what happens currently, hence the advantage of adding objects.
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