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Depends....Will your 2 catx distribution cover your IR distribution needs? Do you plan on ever controlling the TV serially? There was a recent thread arguing the merits of running upto SIX catx cables to each location. I thought that was excessive and argued such. I would probably run 4 (I like even numbers ) and feel good about covering all scenarios.
You definitely CANNOT transmit the unadulterated SAT signal from a coax outlet to your receiver box wirelessly. Forgettaboutit. You COULD, leave your SAT box in the other room and wirelessly transmit standard def composite audio/video to the other room. But only do that if you are A) satisfied with Crappy SD Video, and B) willing to getup and go to the other room to the change the channel (or invest in an RF/IR remote system). Run the wire. Pay someone to do it if...
Run cable. The only practical and worthwhile solution. Wireless is not there, especially for HD. If this is a first floor with a crawl space, it's pretty easy to run a new cable. If it is a first floor on a slab, with a second floor overhead, you'll need to get more creative (run it along baseboards or crown molding, or run it outside).
OTA is RF and operates at a much different frequency than baseband component video. So, it is very different and the cable properties need to be adjusted accordingly.
That's cool! I'm a big fan of Extron gear. Use an old Matrix 100 in my home distribution. If you have any old 100's or 200's or Xpoints that you need to get rid of cheap, lemme know
The center conductor construction has alot to do with it, not just the shielding. Solid copper for baseband. Copper clad steel for RF. I'd be interested to know your application where you are sending High Definition baseband video throughout an entire building. Not CCTV baseband, but HD.
There are a couple of styles.... The Xantech receivers similar to what you describe plug into a connecting block. The connecting block allows connection of the VDC power supply and IR emitters. Then there's an all-in-one solution like the Hot link Pro. The Ir receiver plugs into a box (really just another style connecting block) and the IR emitters are connected via a ribbon cable.
With Plasma, you don't put them on the front anyway. Mine is secured behind the TV. Hot link Pro....
The CELabs units are not wall plates. Google CELabs Cat5RX and Cat5TX (you need one of each). They can be installed behind the TV, on an AV shelf, practically anywhere. If you are dead set on one Cat5, there are two makers of a single cat5 component + analog audio solution. NTI and Gefen. BUT, they cost about 3X what the dual Cat5 does. There is not a single Cat5 HDMI solution. Period.
Just to summarize..... Go with Cat5e or Cat6 UTP (unshielded) cables, and you will need TWO. If you go with component, use something like the CELabs RX/TX units. They transmit component, analog audio, digital audio and IR over the two Catx cables. Just stick a tabletop IR receiver at your bedroom TV for the Tivo (or any other sources that you have remote) and you don't need to worry about any RF remotes. Use the remote you have now for your TV and program it for...
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