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The more likely scenario is that a new hacked version of the new firmware will need to be made. Then that can be applied. I suspect that it will be straightforward for the writers of this hack to do it again though. You might be left without multi-region for a week or two in the meantime.
Interesting stuff Peter, thanks. If it really can do it with Blu-ray, then we need to get some pressure on Sony to add the feature to the PS3!
No - the video processor can only see the image as a whole, so it would have to take the black bars with it. I can do it with my picture-in-picture function on my Crystalio II and show the subs (with black bars) as a semi-transparent overlay. But you're stuck with it throughout the movie and it's a pain to setup as every film is different. It would have to be very specific programming to do it any cleaner than this. I just don't think it's an important enough feature for...
I hate that bit of a movie, when you're just watching along and then all of a sudden someone starts speaking in a foreign language and there aren't any subs. You get this horrible sense that you've not set something up right. I use a lot of non-standard playback methods (HTPC, PS3, media players, etc) and there's always a nagging doubt. Sometimes there aren't meant to be any, other times they are. Anyway, back to the original point. If I watched mainly English language...
Interesting - That's the first time I've heard that. I have astigmatism - 0.75 in one eye and marginal in the other. However wouldn't my glasses correct this and therefore nullify the effect it would have?
Motion Blur due to the sample & hold effect varies between people just like rainbows on DLP does. You don't seem to be effected which is great news! But be aware that some people watching the very same presentation as you might find it troublesome. Strangely I don't suffer from rainbows, but do notice the blur on my RS1.
There are usually some DLP launches mid-season. Examples recently have been Projection Design, Sim2 and Planar. Viewsonic have also launched an LCD mid-season I think. BENQ were also late last year with the 5000 and 20000 DLP models. However, as others have mentioned pretty much zero chance of another Sony, JVC, Panny or Epson before Sept 09.
All the stills from this scene on projectorreviews look way off (epson, panny and rs20), so there's probably not a lot which can be learnt from them. All show really orange reds and the epson shows greeny blues. It's probably just down to the photography.
I've just done a quick test and taking the RS20 shot into photoshop and sharpening produced a very similar 'look' to the DLP. So either Art used a different process on the images, or the camera did, or the DLP was set with sharpness very high! The colour difference remains, but lets face it - these are photo taken at completely different times of different frames. Lots of things could explain the differences.
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