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Deleting cookies fixed it. Thanks!
It's back? I'm still being blinded. I logged out and back in. I'm still seeing nothing but white.
I am having problems WTAE too. 4.1 though. I have had to start watching it on the Dish. As luck would have it I am now having problems with DishNetworks 118 sat signal too. Sometimes I can't watch WTAE at all.
I think pushing the star button on the DISH remote will cycle you through the Dish receivers different modes. You need it to say "normal"
Try unplugging the TV for a while and plug it back in. My HDMI ports were wacked when I first hooked up my set. Doing that fixed it. It's worth a try...
Check Geo's FAQ it has some settings in it and farther up this page is someone elses settings he just listed.
Last nights show was good but it didn't compare to Two 1/2 Men. I had tears running down my face from laughing. It was one of the best yet.
Wow! For this technology becoming a dinosaur I'm sure glad to see so many new purchasers! Keep it up and Mits would be crazy to stop making these things. I hope they stick around. The dollar to size ratio is terrific.
It's interesting that some of you guys are really noticing the iris working. Since day one I haven't seen mine working at all. Is there a test to run to see if it's really working? My set looks great but some of the dark scenes are really dark!
Did you guys read that whole thread? What a hoot.
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