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I'm pretty excited. I just ordered a 115" Screen Innovations Black Diamond Zero Edge with LED screen. I'm thinking of painting the wall behind the screen the same color as the screen. Since the screen itself redirects light, should the back wall actually be darker than the screen itself to match in color? Thanks in advance!!
I just stumbled upon your post. I just purchased the 5030UB and was looking at the same screen you have, the SI Black Diamond 110" 1.4. How do you like it? I've seen some videos regarding how it prevents light from the screen from spilling back out in to the room. Where did you purchase yours by the way (Best Buy Magnolia)? Thanks in advance!!
Yep. Just like Lujan, I have those glasses as well.
I agree with Dave. I use the Asus GT520 (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005J4XMFW/ref=oh_details_o03_s00_i01) in two of my HTPCs. It comes with a full and half height slot cover. It does TrueHD and DTS-HD Audio Bitstreaming over HDMI. The added bonus is that it's passively cooled. No fan to make noise. Pretty decent price too!
Thanks! I switched it to "Media Player". I wonder why that happens?
Hi Everyone. New 82842 owner here. I'm loving it so far. I've just come across an issue only when playing 3D. First some background info that might help. The Mits 82842 is connected to a Denon 2313ci receiver. My 3D source is coming from my HTPC (bluray via PowerDVD). Regular 2D plays fine, no issues. As soon as I switch to 3D, a few minutes later, the automatic warning that there is no signal and will turn off in a minute warning comes up. So I exit the warning and few...
Anyone? I assume it still doesn't exist?
I've been out of the HTPC world for quite some time now. I'm still using MyHTPC. Anyways, my son has an Archos portable media player. When browsing what movie to play, it shows a short clip of the movie currently highlighted. In MyHTPC, all I have are static photos of each movie. I am wondering if there are any front ends out there that have a menu system similar to what the Archos PMP has. Thanks in advance! Conrad
I just picked up a 65835 for under 2k at Abt today. It was the floor model. I was actually just going to take a look at the 73736 ( that's what I told the wife ). That puppy is HUGE!. I've had two Diamonds in the past, and just love em. This would have been my first non-diamond set. Then I noticed the 65835 right next the the 73736. They were on the same video loop. Both sets blew me away. The only thing I noticed was that motion blur on the 65835 was less apparent to the...
I stumbled upon this drive in an article. I haven't seen a post on this. Just thought I would bring it up. Some specs from PC Perspective: Model Type External HD DVD ROM Brand TOSHIBA Model PA3530U-1HD1 WRITE Speed DVD+R 4X DVD+RW 4X DVD-R 4X DVD-RW 4X CD-R 16X CD-RW 10X DVD+R DL 2.4X DVD-R DL 2X DVD-RAM 3X READ Speed DVD-ROM HD DVD read 1X speed (maximum) DVD read 8X speed (maximum) CD-ROM 24X Physical Spec Panel Color...
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