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Hi, I've had my NTV550 for a few months now and I'm pretty happy with it. I recently bought a 3TB Seagate Backup Plus desktop drive to replace my old smaller WD drive; however, the NTV550 just wouldn't recognize it, both the front and back USB ports. The Seagate drive does power up and the LED lights up when I connect it to the NTV550 though. Does anyone have similar issue? I've tried upgrading my firmware but it says I have the latest. Thanks
Has anyone tried this player? This is the only player I found (at least on paper) that has Dolby True HD and DTS-MA passthrough and is under $100. I couldn't find much reviews about this player so I look forward to hearing anything from you guys here. Are there any other player out there in the price range that has this capability too? I don't care about internet streaming and all that. All I need is a basic player that can play blu-ray ISO or MKV with unadulterated...
But wouldn't the black wall behind the screen serve the purpose too?
I'm going to build my first DIY screen and I have pretty much figured out what I need to do thanks to all the information available here. I want to do a simple BOC screen wrapped around a wood frame. What I'm not sure of is if I need to paint/attach the seemingly mandatory 3-inch black border around the frame? I will be covering up the wall behind the screen with black velvet so I think may be I can save some time/money if I omit this step. Thanks.
Hughman I thought the HP is free of any visible screen texture from what i have been told here in the forum. I was hoping the new HCHP will be the ideal candidate to replace my venerable Greywolf II, which is notorious for its sparkly sheen but otherwise gives a great image. Any thoughts from others? Thanks.
I am thinking adding Radius 90 as front-wide speakers to my front RS6 as part of an Audyssey DSX setup. Would it be a good timbre match? Thanks
I too own a Sanyo Z4 and a GWII before I switch to a Panasonic AE4000 just recently. I had an Elite white screen before the GWII and just couldn't stand the grayish black on the Elite. Since the Da-lite HP is a white screen, I wonder if the black would suffer too? The GWII is great but the screen texture is just too visible with the brighter AE4000. BTW, I don't think Grey Wolf and Wolf Cinema are the same thing.
I bought my 120" Graywolf II from Visual Apex 4 years ago for about $300. I would recommend it wholeheartedly if not for the screen texture that shows up in brighter scenes. It does have very nice black and that is why I'm still keeping it.
Some vendor is selling da-lite "HIGH GAIN (2.5)" screens on Ebay and the price is less than comparable High Power screens. I wonder if it is the new material. But interestingly it looks like it is a 2.5 gain screen instead of 2.4. Just go to Ebay and seach for "da-lite high gain"
Do you mean the projector is bright enough that a regular matte white screen should suffice, and the HP is an overkill?This would have me worried as Z4 is only a 720p projector. Thanks.
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