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Hi, I just got the 169time upgrade to my dtc100 and the 30k. Recorded the KQED HD loop last night and I want to view it through the DTC100, as my projector doesn't have component in. How do I get the dtc100 to output from the firewire link instead of from its ota tuner? I think this was on the old 169time thread, but haven't been able to find it on the new. No answer at the moment on Richard's phone. Thanks, David
Can anyone recommend a good installer for a Directv multi-tv, combo HD & non-HD system who can do some custom work or at least help me with design/distribution issues? I live in Oakland. Thanks. /David
Thanks, Benji, I emailed Phillips with the same question, and will post their reply - if whoever responds seems to understand the question.
Hi, I would like to buy the Philips 30PW9818 30" widescreen tv (only one that fits my cabinetry) and would like to use it with the RCA DTC100 HD Directv/OTA Receiver using the Phillips RGB input. The Phillips lists its support as 480p/1080i. The DTC100 outputs 540p through its RGB output for non-hd sources, I believe. Anyone know or care to hazard a guess whether these two would be compatible? Thanks, David
Dave and Darin, thanks for responding, but I think I misled you guys. I'm not looking for HD Tivo (except in the same way everyone would love it) just to incorporate Tivo for Digital and Analog non-HD recording to lower the amount of usage on the JVC 30K. So guidance on how to hook up Oval Dish, DTC100/HDVR/avx1, Tivo, JVC30K, with CI as passthrough to projector, and also a regular svideo input analog tv. Complicated enough?
bump - I'd love some feedback....
I'm a satellite newbie and HDTV journeyman. I have a DTC100 today handling just OTA with my cheapo radioshack antenna. DTC100 connects via VGA passthru to CI Scaler today which gets the signal to my projector via a 25 ft. run. I want to switch from ATT Digital Cable to Satellite. What prompted this all is my old SVHS VCR just died, so I'm doing the 169time upgrade with the AVX-1 and buying the JVC 30000U Digital VCR (yes, I know about the problems, but am forging...
PVR and Peter. Thanks for the updates. Yes, of course I meant 30.1 for KQED. Will check out the daily 4:30 feed. I had noticed the less than perfect picture quality of the feed, so your data rate comment helps explain how the 1080i could look a little like 480p. Sure beats broadcast tv picture (though I love the look of "the agency" on CBS Thursdays at 10). Can't use Leno as my demo anymore since I can't pick up NBC OTA anymore.
Every night channel 31.1 in San Francisco (sub channel 1 of KQED digital) shows a beautiful two hour loop starting about 11pm that's quite stunning pictorially. Does anyone know whether it's 480p or 1080i? I'm guessing 480. At around midnight the footage they show is an absolutely stunning aerial video of mediterranean hillside cities. Maybe it's a standard loop for those of you with satellite, but for this OTA DTC 100 boy, I can't get enough of it. Guess I'm not as...
Just another point of SVGA vs XGA. I think it's more important to have XGA in an LCD projector than in a DLP. The grid structure is so much more noticeable in LCD, I think the extra resolution will be important. (this is not a knock on LCD - I find the superior colors outweigh the grid problem - at least in later models with better contrast ratio).
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