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Just read the detailed review of the 11HT in Widescreen magazine. They tested with the 9000ES and recommended running the DVD player in Interlaced mode as they found the deinterlacing on the projector superior. Don't have the 11HT to verify (Mitsubishi X400 here), but if that's true, then what's the point of buying a progressive DVD player?
IMO it's a tradeoff between the smoother image of the DLP (less grid) and the much better colors of the LCD (compared to single chip DLP). Haven't looked at these two projectors but I don't think DLP has the edge over LCD in contrast and black level anymore. Personally, I went for the better colors and live with the grid...
J.Mike: Thanks. My equipment list dropped off my signature when AVS switched engines. I've updated now. You're right - I don't see it on the TV, so I'm a little stumped. Could be something the CI is doing after all, but I never saw this problem with my old DVD player with all the same other equipment. The noise could be picked up from my 25' BNC/VGA Better Cables run, but the horizontal line definitely seems like some sort of conversion artifact. Still unique to...
I use optical - never compared them, though.
Bump...Just once - I promise
Anyone having problems with the "black off" feature of their 900ES DVD player? I'm getting a light horizontal line at the bottom of my video image as well as quite a bit of noise in a black picture between scenes. Problems disappear if I use the "black on" setup feature (though black goes gray/blue). I'm using interlaced mode due to my projector's lack of component in and inability to do anamorph on computer inputs like VGA and DVI (anamorph only works on svideo). My...
Jeroen - thanks so much for the Bound tip. Will order the better version tonight. /David Dell UPDATE: My 9000ES is Region 1 so I don't think I can watch the R2 Bound disc. Used to have a codefree KONES but when that died I went upscale. Now I'm paying the price. :mad:
The Wachowski Brothers great "Bound" (last film before Matrix, and a better one in lots of ways) got a real rip job in the video transfer. Not even decent by non-anamorphic standards. Hopefully their extra clout in Hollywood will get it a better treatment in a true anamorphic release. See the movie anyway, though, if you've never checked it out.
Mississippi Masala Remaster of the Wachowski's "Bound" in Anamorphic Remaster of The Abyss in Superbit (or at least anamorphic) Jamon Jamon (now that's how to see Penelope Cruz!) Oh, and I'll vote for East of Eden, also. Thanks for mentioning it - one of the all-time-great films.
Just want to thank you, Ray, for getting us information as to what's going on with the SUTRO problem. I'm so spoiled by the quality of even standard digital OTA programming through my DTC-100 I can't stand to watch the stuff on my ATT Digital cable anymore. Add the true HDTV shows like "The Agency" and I'm in heaven. Wierd that none of the news agencies seem to care a whit about this problem (or even know about it). Anyway, my main point is that with problems...
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