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...and the HDMI 2 would go to the AVR?
New firmware download upgrades VieraCast to Viera Connect. I have a 54VT25 set.
Does anyone know how the BD pq of the 310 compares to something like the Oppo 93 pq?
Glad I came across this post. I had read about new generation glasses from Panasonic but couldn't find any info. I went straight to the source and asked Panasonic.com...here's the answer I received about 2 weeks ago:"Thank you for your inquiry; we have no information about a third generation 3D glasses." Maybe I should forward them the links you provided.
I have a Panny TCP-54VT25 and I need to go into the menu of the tv and change the aspect setting if I want to watch 4:3 material from Netflix in full screen. The Panny 310 won't stretch it automatically.
Thanks...I have a pair of these. I thought you might be writing about the glasses that have come out with the 2011 models that are supposed to be different from these. I can't seem to find any info on them anywhere.
Are you referring to 2011 glasses and do you have a link to info on them?
I tried the black tape over one and partially over another, but it didn't do much good. Of course, blocking both worked fine, but glasses won't work (Ha!) I've come up with a partial solution, but not my favorite. The receiver is on the bottom shelf of three-shelved separate unit. Plasma is wall-mounted. I pushed the receiver back so its sensor is not up front and shielded somewhat by the second shelf and the sides. After the menu comes on and 3D mode is engaged, if I...
Quote: Originally Posted by rdgrimes The IR signals coming from the TV's front bezel are reaching the Onkyo AVR's front panel IR sensor. Figure out how to stop that. Often it will get reflected off some other surface and bounce back. that's exactly the theory I was working on. Opposite the tv and receiver is a glass-framed 16x 20 photo on the wall. I removed it, no positive results. I'll have to keep on looking for things that could be boucing...
You place your body in front of the sensor on the remote or the Panny to block the signal?
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