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Gee...what a surprise.
You may not believe me, but it will actually improve with age. I almost made a the mistake of getting a newer generation this past summer, but decided instead to have the set calibrated by a professional. I was skeptical that a calibration would make a difference, but it did...even with cable. You're in for many months of viewing pleasure with visually stunning black levels.
The only offer we will get from CV is a higher bill come Jan 2011...a pay-it-or find-another-cable-carrier offer.
For support go to www.samsung.com and follow links for live support,phone or email...or here's a phone number I found SupportCall: 1.800.726.7864 Not sure how helpful they are.
I know. The email came after the post.
I am so tired of this crap from Cablevision that when this first was announced I investigated the possibilty of switching to ATT U-Verse. I'm located in southern CT and on a private street that doesn't have service available. Everywhere else around me does, but not my street. If it did, I would have switched in a minute. This constant negotiatioon bs and the morons that pose as customer service reps, but no nothing about what's happening when a problem occurs makes me...
When I sit down to continue to watch I have freeze-ups every 20 mins to look forward to..that's great! Sent an email to LG customer service about the problem as did one of the previous posters. Hope it helps to provide an update that fixes the problem.
I had numerous sound blips at different points in the movie as I went surfing around. then I started to watch from the beginning. Six+ minutes in the movie froze. Started over and it played through the same point just fine, but I didn't continue much farther so I can't say if they'll be more problems. I have latest firmware. Only movie in a year with which I have had the slightest problem. I have BD 390.
My recent calibration done by Greg Erianne (www.allhighdef.com) was nothing less than perfection. From the pre-calibration questionnaire where Greg gathered info on my Panny, other equipment I was using, as well as my viewing environment to the 4-plus hour extensive calibration Greg provided me with a truly professional ISF calibration. He comes with a car-load of equipment that he patiently sets up in your viewing room. As the calibration begins, Greg explains each step...
Are these digital boxes going to be provided by Cablevision free of charge for each needed tv? Or will we need to rent a cable box from them....
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