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Mine was not as bad as yours, but was functioning much better last night, also. However, I switched mine from wired to wireless. I have a 50 ft. run when using the wired connection. With netflix I also needed to start the download with a slow connection, stop it. then it would restart at a much better connection and HD if it was an HD connection. Last night, after switching to wireless, it immediately would download in the HD connection. I will try later today and see...
This has been happening to me for several days now. I believe its an issue with Netflix. Try this from another forum poster: "The "trick" is to accept the netflix low speed connection prompt, let it load and start playing, then hit "stop", start playing again and it will reload, usually at HD quality." This should help you load at higher quality. It works for me.
This happened to me last night and supposedly my internet speed was ok, but not according to the message I received from netflix. Then suddenly it cleared up. I just got the 390 a few weeks ago... what is this "FF/Rew trick"?
Dors anyone notice pixellation of the channels in the newer location? Mine varies from day to day...I'm not sure if it is at cable end or at my end...the box or outside?
On my set when watching HD channels in Full Mode with Size 2 selected I always have a 1/16" black horiz bar on the right and the same black bar on top on most of my cable channels. Of course the bars disappear in Size 1. Is there a way (in the service menu) to adjust the picture size of Size 2 ever so slightly so I don't see the black edges? In Size 1 the picture seems to widen too "wide." I'm not sure I see the "softness" though.
Can someoe explain this update in more detail...
You're right...the speakers will not be an issue with the plasma panel in terms of magnetic interference.
What exactly did the tech mean by "does not support HDMI?" How do you know your box is not to blame? Or something outside your home? What will be the difference when Cablevision does support HDMI?
Is your cable box set to "normal"? What type of box are you using?
Use the JUST aspect setting.
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