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So what's up with this encrypting basic channels notice we just got? How does this affect my connection to my HTPC tuner card? Are they now going to encrypt everything that comes over the wire? I haven't called them yet but thought folks here are smarter than they are
Call and complain. Tell them you're seriously thinking about dropping them and looking into other providers (att, verizon). If the first csr doesn't do anything for you ask for someone who can authorize a discount. I got a "customer loyalty" credit of $10 a mo. for a year but had to go to the next csr level. Good luck!
The VP50 does all the scaling.
This is what I do with an Epson 8350 (bought new) and VP50 processor (bought used). Total cost for both was less than $2K. Andy
Quote: Originally Posted by Moggie You don't need the 4ILT RS485 interface with one motor. If you want to control via RS485 (or RS232) you will need the Tap #1870127 and a RS485/usb converter for your laptop (I found one for about $35). I don't think you can directly connect the IR to the motor (although I'm guessing here) because it needs power that would normally come from the Tap or the 4ILT controller... worth talking to Somfy directly...
Thanks for that info, Moggie. It helps a lot! So if I go with a one motor, IR controlled solution, do I still need the RS485 4ILT Interface? Or can I just connect the #9154205 IR receiver to the motor? Or do I just need the #1870127 ILT Tap? I can't seem to find a clear concise IR integration diagram. I did find the RS485 4ILT Interface at somfymotorstore.com but it was like over $450?! Is it really that expensive? Andy
Great job, Moggie! It's been fun watching your progress. Nice pics too. I think I'm getting closer to wanting to add masking to my screen. It seems many of the films I've been renting lately are in 1.78 and the masking would be nice to have.Can you comment on Mike's post? I too am trying to understand how the control system components work. Can you go into more detail on what component is connected to what and how each is used? I'm still a bit fuzzy on how the ILT Link,...
I have two poured concrete wall in my basement HT. I used rigid insulation (1.5 inch, I think) in-between the concrete and 2x4 stud walls. I used the regular non-faced pink fluffy stuff in the stud cavities. Works great. Here's a build picture. Oh, the window is really behind the screen wall Andy
I'm an Epson 8350 zoomer. Or is that shrinker. I leave the pj zoomed to 2.35 and use a VP50 for shrinking other aspects. Works pretty well. Using my pronto with the VP50 I have three buttons for the main AR's (1.78, 1.85, 2.35). I just switch to what I need. I built a poor-man's A-lens using trophy prisms a while back when I had an AE900. But since I got the VP50 I haven't used it. The image is better without it.
My 8350 is right-side up and does it too. A piece of tape over the dial works fine. I used painters tape so not to leave a sticky mess later.
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