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Maybe something like this? for the one buried in the ground with a suspended top. Hmm not sure why pic didn't post. but its basically a 32 cu ft concrete box.
I originally thought the same thing, until the gurus on here thought a horn would provide more output. And since its going under a deck, no reason to dig a big hole in the ground. . That being said a large concrete bunker facing up with a cast lid suspended above the driver would also work. I can't imagine if a concrete bunker is shaped like the hole, but you never know. Any Horn guys like my idea of the under deck subwoofers?
I was thinking of a concrete bunker ( precast or cast in place with a custom made concrete over plywood horn. So picture a 16 cu ft back box with a long straight horn out 11 feet with about a 4 ft high by 6 ft wide horn front. I would do 2 of these and cover the front will metal grill to keep animals out. It would need to be 2 pieces as there would be no way to crawl in there to replace the driver. but I guess I could lag bolt the horn to the back box. Hows that sound?...
You start all your conversations at work with" well my friends on the forum say" and you only know them by their screen name not their real name, well except Art and David. I had a great time at the party Thanks David!
Mark, You are the Answer Man. SO , With the proper horn design and construction , I can get away with 2 12" drivers and be happy. Are these horns difficult to assemble.? I won't ask you to give away the secrets,but could you point me in the right direction to learn how to design such a horn? Thanks
I have found some basic plans on line. Could I start there and get some ideas. Also,, Whats your feelings on using 4 12" speakers per side instead of 1 18"
THats the ANSWER I was looking for ! Thanks for the help. Now do you have some plans for these somewhere? I have a table saw ready and willing . I need to check on availibilty of Baltic birch here in T town , Could I substitute 3/4" marine plywood with a waterproof finish?
Mark, Thanks for weighing in on this problem. Space under deck is 48" high X 15 X 25 feet . Will I have enough space? I like to rock out although Rap/ Hip hop is NOT my thing. More like Meatloaf, Police and some Keith urban thrown into the mix. I think we are getting towards my goal, just need to refine it a little. I want to build these one time and be happy
i live north of the Campus, so I am not the noisiest one out there. I think that 2 horn loaded subs under deck is the way to go. I am going to bridge a EP 2500 to each and probably shoot for a 25 -30 hz bottom end. whats everyone think about that?
ok , First of all, I want to leave these out year around thats why I wanted to use concrete. I like the idea of 2-4 15" - 18" drivers in a folded horn .They could go under the deck and fire over the flower bed and not take up any room. I live in an up and coming neighborhood with an alley on the back and rentals on both sides . Most of the time they are empty. Power is not a problem as I will bridge a Ep2500 per side or more. I originally thought i wanted to hide...
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