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Lol, thanks. Doesn't help that my Jeep is constantly in and out of the shop this year. I need a slice of pizza and a hammock.
Ugh. I'm actually going to sound really annoyed but only because of another post and some really annoying calls I just got at the office.... Lol, go back to page two where John and I were talking about Le and I posted a pic of regular specs and Josh's specs. Inductance not only added a hump and reduced the top end (right, because now I am convinced that every one thinks I use my 'subs' >200hz ) that it also drastically reduced it's LOW END response and sensitivity. Look...
OH C'MON!!Can I ever just say something about inductance without some one getting all defensive about it? Great post, really, but my comment was IN NO WAY a peeve about it's inductance. There was a comment about a bump around 35hz and I just mentioned that it (a VERY small bump) was maybe a combination of some inductance and some Qtc. No duh! I never said, "ermagerd this 24" is so slow and will never do >80hz)".C'mon, I cheer lead for your 24" and my HT18's often. If I...
Exactly. That's sort of why I hope the gear will allow for "wides" or as I would use them in my room as 'forward surrounds' such as documented in the Dolby Atmos whitepaper.But.... in my room I could probably get away with just moving my side surrounds slightly ahead of me.
Yes this is true and in many cases two 15's are better then a single 18 so if it's not a budget issue then going with 4-8 15's is a very, very excellent option.
Inductance can and will affect more things than just 'adding a bump'. If only it were just that.
Yep. It's got nice specs all around but unfortunately never-to-be-made driver is never-to-be-made.I want to say 'never say never', really cuz it's a cool sounding product.
You are not nuts.Sixteen 12's are the droids you are looking for.
If we are talking my current situation then I would take the UXL's.This my not be the best choice for somebody else in another room though.
Oooofff. Loaded question, many variables and outcomes. Buy a UXL or two and build a couple of G-horns. Buy a B&C 21" or two and build a couple of O-horns.
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