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Exactly. That's sort of why I hope the gear will allow for "wides" or as I would use them in my room as 'forward surrounds' such as documented in the Dolby Atmos whitepaper.But.... in my room I could probably get away with just moving my side surrounds slightly ahead of me.
Yes this is true and in many cases two 15's are better then a single 18 so if it's not a budget issue then going with 4-8 15's is a very, very excellent option.
Inductance can and will affect more things than just 'adding a bump'. If only it were just that.
Yep. It's got nice specs all around but unfortunately never-to-be-made driver is never-to-be-made.I want to say 'never say never', really cuz it's a cool sounding product.
You are not nuts.Sixteen 12's are the droids you are looking for.
If we are talking my current situation then I would take the UXL's.This my not be the best choice for somebody else in another room though.
Oooofff. Loaded question, many variables and outcomes. Buy a UXL or two and build a couple of G-horns. Buy a B&C 21" or two and build a couple of O-horns.
Yup.But sniffing our own farts and buying $15k worth of silver cables is fun too right?
Acoustic treatment. Use screws more often. Not delay projects for very long periods. Built 4pi's in early 2000's. Use banana plugs. Quad corner sub system, properly EQ'd, time aligned, etc.
Those are all very good yet completely darn different systems to consider, Saab. Something like 50cuft of enclosure for sixteen 12's (lol just making up a figure) compared to two UXL's each in 4cuft sealed boxes is .... well.
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