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Rich, I've been gone a long while but used to read your threads for many years... long before I bought my 42" Plasma over 3 years ago. I just read your 65" Panny review and am catching up on the latest in plasmas. Your opinions and writing are excellent. Kudos. I'm kind of saddened to see such a plasma-phile as your self straying away. ;-) I've been on a FP kick for 5 years and am currently on my third projector, planning for my next upgrade. I've been gone as...
Thanks ROne for providing us your tweaks. Definite improvement over the Sanyo supplied settings. Your settings with a brand new bulb give a plasma like punch to the image. Fantastic! :-)
That's encouraging... thanks for the feedback. - JP
If you can't see any improvement then there isn't any. Disturbing how variable the reports are.... are they unit to unit variations, or simply viewers who don't know what they are looking for? Or are some of the initial no VB/FPN reports based on cherry picked/hand-tweaked units? - JP
I also remember the euphoria I had when I got my Z2 2 years ago and how amazingly bright and punchy the image was. Mine also experienced the same plunge in the 100-150 hour mark. All of a sudden, it was dim and you have to use it in high bulb mode to be even remotely acceptable.
For those who aren't seeing any VB or FPN on their new AE900, I'd be curious what would happen if they fired up an all green (then all yellow and light blue) screen using the projector's OSD (if it's available) or via a PC. Do you still see nothing but a crisp clean screen of color? VB & FPN is my single most hated attribute of LCD's. PS: Don't do this unless you #1) really want to prove you don't have VB/FPN or #2) want to see it from here on in.
Disappointing that VB is still an issue with the D5 panels. It's a dreaded effect that plagues my Z2 to the point I pretty much hate watching it.
I've got a 42PX20 fed via an iScan HD for Xbox,PS2&GC gaming. Best gaming setup I've ever used. Colors are eye popping. Can't wait for next gen Xbox. Unless you play hundreds of hours nonstop of a single game, I can't see burnin being a problem.
Quote: Originally Posted by ErikX I read somewhere that the player supports mpeg hd streams up to 18 Mbit. Is this sufficient for most hd content? 18Mbit is not high enough for most HD. Alot of it runs 20-25Mb with higher spikes. Too bad.
Quote: Originally Posted by MarcusInMD The problem I have with the rainbows is when I blink my eyes. I also see rainbows while blinking which makes DLP virtually unwatchable. I was pleasantly shocked when I viewed a Sharp 12000 and barely saw any rainbows. Your reports of rainbows on the H78 is unfortunate as it has the same speed colour wheel as the 12000. I may be stuck with that pitiful LCD technology longer than expected. The 12000...
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