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OK, let me enlighten you! I'll be using the AVIA SD disk along with the CALMAN SMPTE C target profile. I was a little fuzzy on the source fields to use and found out AVIA will work just fine.
Tom,Thanks for clearing that up for me.
Hi Kplex,OK, now that I'm home and have my hands on the remote, I'm following you now.Thanks!Bob,That was it! Turned off secondary audio in the OPPO and now the 805 is decoding in all its glory. First time I've seen the 805 light up with the uncompressed codecs. Very cool.Thanks for everyone's input.
Now that you mention it, I believe that it is on. I'll give that a shot when I get home. I'll let you know.
Hi Chris, Yes, I want to calibrate an user input on my JVC RS20.
Hi Seggers,Yes, the older BD's can default to the lower decode, but I verify with the display(OSD) function on the OPPO and also on the front display of the player. The 805 displays the DTS logo for either True HD or DTS MA being passed by the player.
I want to calibrate one of my user inputs to SMPTE-C for SD and wondered how I go about it? I have a Display LT, Color HCFR, CALMAN, AVIA SD DVD, AVS_709 Blu Ray. Besides the SMPTE C Coordinates, do I have everything I need to start? Thanks in advance.
Yep HDMI, I'm good there. I'm hearing the audio, just not the right decode based on the 805's front display logo.
The OPPO is set for HDMI bitstream and when either a DTS-MA or TrueHD source is played, the OPPO confirms this when pressing display. Also, OPPO front displays correct audio decode. Kplex - Are you referring to a display function on the 805? That's what I need. Is to be able to confirm the decode in the receiver. You refer in your post "HDMI Audio enabled on menu 7-5". Again in the 805?The 805 is decoding something...maybe DTS core?...and I have sound on...
I've been using my PS3 for blu ray playback and used the PS3 for decoding Dolby-HD and DTS-MA through the HDMI as LPCM. I just started using the OPPO-83 and wanted to test out the bitstreaming over HDMI by letting the receiver do the decoding. When bitstreaming Dolby-HD and DTS-MA content over HDMI I'm only able to get the DTS logo to light on the receiver. I went into the setup for the receiver and set the decoder input for both Dolby-HD and DTS-MA instead of "last input"...
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