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Have any of you guys used DIY tools to cal to SMPTE-C? I have a D2, use HCFR or CAL-MAN with AVIA SD or AVS_709. I'm just a little fuzzy on this... do I need another disk with SMPTE-C coded fields?
Here you go. Click on highlighted text.
Try putting your HD100 into high lamp mode for a few hours and see if it goes away.
Thanks Gary!
Manni, Have you noticed any loss of detail or softness to the picture as the lamp dimmed?
You can see Manni's curves here
Click here for the link you're looking for. Cheers,
Try the projection calculator on Projector Central to find your answers.Cheers,
Hi Guys, Tom Huffman posted some thoughts regarding saturation scale here and also posted the xy coordinates for each Pri/Sec saturation field. He noted that the AVCHD fields were not very accurate. Would you guys have a chance to confirm? I'm using this disk to troubleshoot a CMS issue that I'm having and need to know how much error I'm introducing by using these fields. Thanks for V1.2. I think it's great.
Tom,Thank you, that clears it up for me.
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